5 Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

Cloud Computing
5 Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

Cloud computing offers major benefits that growing businesses should be aware of.  Investing in cloud computing isn’t just a far-off notion; it’s now necessary to evolve to stay competitive and cost-efficient at scale to remain a going concern. Dell reports that companies that invest in cloud computing and big data enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors. Cloud computing offers many avenues for scalability and cost-cutting if organizations migrate correctly. Let’s dive into 5 benefits cloud computing offers your business.  

1. Flexibility

The flexibility of cloud computing is unmatched. Services can be tailored to a business’ needs. Employees can work remotely and access the many cloud applications and work on shared files with ease and without fear of lag or diminished accessibility. You can send a file continents away or work with a trusted team member within a secure cloud environment that provides the most flexibility available by far. One drawback to cloud computing platforms is that many do not offer cross-platform file sharing features. A major benefit to businesses who adopt cloud comping is the ease of use of modern cloud platform interfaces such as those that Google offers.   

2. Security 

Security is now a major concern for business owners looking to migrate to the cloud. Small business cloud storage is one of the most secure offerings available to businesses. Business owners who choose not to migrate to the cloud are susceptible to intrusions and data theft. Cloud computing now offers end-to-end encryption and major upgrades to a purely physical data center. By implementing strict access controls and security measures that prevent unauthorized access to critical data and information, cloud computing infrastructures present major advantages for businesses looking to secure their systems and protect personally identifiable information (PII). Many industries are regulated and it is necessary for small businesses looking to establish themselves in these spaces to adhere to these regulations.   

3. Business Continuity

A third benefit offered to businesses that migrate to the cloud is that Cloud computing offers small businesses continuity. Business continuity is a business’ ability to ensure operations and core business processes are not impacted in such a way that causes major downtime. Cloud computing offers two major fail-safe systems that ensure your business continues to function despite a disaster or downtime. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service allow your organization to improve its business continuity while maintaining confidence that when a disaster strikes, you will still be able to meet your customer and business needs.  

4. Cost Efficiency

Migrating your infrastructure and organization to the cloud brings with it one of the most powerful benefits: cost-efficiency. Cloud computing offers one powerful overarching benefit: only pay for what the processing power and any storage space you consume. Cloud computing also allows your business to cut costs by alleviating your IT team of the constant server farm maintenance tasks that go along with physical computing. Instead, your team can focus on optimizing and streamlining your business with leads to further cost savings.  

5. Scalability & Improved Performance

Scaling is an easy task with cloud computing as adding servers takes seconds instead of days or weeks. Configuration and leveraging distributed processing enables your organization to capture major performance gains. Dedicated server hosting by Liquid Web offers “the best performance and the highest level of security for any website or application” Allowing your enterprise to get the highest level of performance and security, at scale. You can easily dedicate more resources to your highest priority projects while ensuring your teams collaborate faster and collectively are able to meet your organization’s goals.  

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Migrating your business to the cloud offers more benefits than we can count.