Why do Best International Schools Prefer the CBSE Curriculum?


CBSE and ICSE are the two main centrally acclaimed boards that offer affiliation to schools across India. As a matter of fact, these two curriculums are very much popular and preferred by many over the individual state boards. And as these two curriculums are concerned, CBSE stands out for its own set of diversities. Its dynamic nature has made it a preferred curriculum that is being adopted by national as well as the best international schools.

About CBSE

Before addressing why CBSE is the preferred curriculum, it is imperative to know a little about the curriculum itself.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is an educational institution, which administers public and private schools, and is being directly handled by the central government.

The organization was established in 1962. It is considered one of the oldest curriculums in the field of academics. Every year, two national board examinations- AISSE (10th) and AISSCE (12th)- are conducted by CBSE.

Why is it a preferred curriculum?

As told earlier, CBSE is a preferred curriculum for its dynamic nature and diversified structure. Following are some reasons why it stands out in the academic field:

  • CBSE is adopted by some of the largest chains of schools. Moreover, there is a much higher number of CBSE schools in India and all across the world! So, the chance of issues while switching due to lack of board availability is nil!
  • When compared to ICSE, this has an easier syllabus structure. So, students OF the best international schools don’t feel the academic burden they might face on other boards.
  • Alongside academics, the CBSE curriculum also promotes extra co-curricular activities and motivates students to participate. This adds a lot of positivity to mental health.
  • Its dynamic structure makes students pursue their interests and flourish in their ways. It focuses on making a child literate and educated and groomed so that they can face the challenges of the real world.

So, these are some of the reasons why CBSE is the preferred curriculum not only by the masses but also by several Indian as well as best international schools across the world.

Are there International CBSE Schools in Noida?

Noida is home to some of the leading International schools. And out of them, many are affiliated with the CBSE curriculum. So, people residing in Noida have access to CBSE schools in Noida well within their vicinity.

Following are some of the factors which make International schools in Noida a preferable choice:

  • The first thing that strikes the chord is faculty. International Schools in Noida have excellent faculty members who are observant and make learning processes easy. So, students find it easier to grasp concepts and learn methods and techniques.
  • Most of the international schools operating in Noida are CBSE affiliated. So, a student gets introduced to a diversified learning structure, which ultimately helps in his/her better grooming.
  • These international CBSE schools Noida, incorporate new and modern learning methodologies and strategize their techniques for the all-around development of a child. Also, the application of practical learning processes makes a child’s learning foundation very strong.
  • Best international schools in Noida have impressive campuses with all the amenities that a student requires, and maybe more! So, children are exposed to academics, sports, and other activities that help them stay fit mentally and physically.
  • Diverse learning methods and exposure to various disciplines and subjects test the capacity and the tendency and preference of a child. Therefore, they can pursue their choices from the very beginning and flourish after that.

Hence, these are some of the reasons why the CBSE curriculum is being preferred by some of the best international schools of Noida.