Why brown Kraft packaging is ideal for consumers?

Kraft boxes

Do you know the rich-featured characteristic of your brown kraft boxes has entire world? They offer easy and helps in various life choices and gives us many benefits. The package sectors consist of cardboard cases, but most of the user and manufacturers like kraft packing. These brown boxes consist of top-quality pine wood that makes them eco-friendly and also reduces carbon footprint. Various brands are also using it to ensure 100% protection and security of shipped or stores. Because of their printable nature, you can also use them for branding purposes. So there is so much to talk about these boxes but before that, lets us learn what they are?


What do they mean by the word kraft?

You must be thinking, what is the word kraft, and from where does it come? It is one of the packaging kinds that have its name from a process called kraft pulping. In the 1880s, the German scientist Carl F Dahl invented these methods and named them kraft. He first pulled the wood in this process, but he found that treating the cellulose wood was a great idea. He treated the pulp with sulfates to boost the paper strength and make it strong. So, he named this paper the kraft paper. So in Germany, the word kraft means power. So now you have an idea form where this term comes from. Now you have learned why all businesses are after these custom kraft boxes.

What is brown paper utilized for in packing?

Kraft papers are utilized in the following:

  • Coated Recycled Board
  • corrugates boards
  • Solid Bleaches Sulfate
  • coated Unbleached Kraft

CUK OR Coated unbleached brown paper

So before going into detail and learn why it is a famous material among the users, let us study its nature. CUK is the most preliminary version of the kraft paper. In this, makers do not use any bleach to chemical then kraft methods. It is the reason they have names it Solid unbleached Sulfate. It usually consists of 80% of fiber wood that is virgin.

It has excellent tear strength and offer high stiffness without being dense. It is the thinnest amongst other paper-based packaging substrates. Do you know it also has kaolin clay-titanium oxide on the surfaces? It is because it makes the printing quick and offers smoothness.

CRB or Corrugated Recycles Board kraft sheet. It consists of virgin fibers. Its features are not as good as SBS. But, it also marks it as a low-price package thing that is best, for example :

  • where high strength is not needed like cereal boxes.

So the making cost of such boxes is low and does not affect the price of the products. So by doing this, you are engaging more buyers and get competitive benefits in the sector.

The stuff discussed above you usually sees as folding cases. For corrugated containers, the strength is added by adding a sheet of kraft paper. It is known as fluting.


The brown kraft boxes values in business and for users

Today competition is notably high, and everyone is looking for the means to boost their businesses. Do you know this custom kraft packaging is one of the best means to enhance the workplace? It is because of the durability it offers to users and brands. Commercially people are using it from industrial packaging to paper bags and others. Would you like to learn why users are after this packaging? If yes, then stay tuned because here, you will find all about them in great detail.


1.     The eco-Friendly natures of brown kraft boxes make sit best for 


Now let us find out why the brown packaging is famous amongst the users and how it is best for your business. Indeed it offers the best strength, but it is also 100% nature-friendly. Today the consumer is very much aware of global warming and its effect on the ecosystem. Users do not need to worry about the decomposition of these boxes because it is best for the ecosystem. Let us find out how.

Do you know, unlike plastic, it decomposes within a week or two, the same as leaving a fall from the tree and degrades? These large or small kraft boxes do not leave any impact on nature. You can reuse and recycle them by making new boxes. Being nature-friendly and having the 3Rs symbol the package boost the item sales.

2.     Best for Transit and Storage 

Due to brown boxes’ robust features, many consumers are using them for storage and stacking tasks. Retailers are usually worried about the safety of their things and think an item may break. custom kraft boxes offer a suitable solution to create the perfect protection. They ensure that the product enjoyed a shelf life by providing the best resistance against all kinds of hazardous factors. On the rack, bacteria, humidity, dust can alter the stance of the things. Similarly, they are prone to temperature, humidity, moisture on their route to delivery. The brown paper packaging will boost thickens, and various types of coating can resist all harmful factors.


3.     Easy to Personalize and Customize

You can personalize and customize the brown boxes to add strength and value to the items. Name any design, sizes, or shapes, and you can customize them. Pick any form you like. No need to go after the basic rectangular or square box; be playful. Similarly, you are ready to customize them as per the size and requirement of the things. Various kind of add-ons like handles, windows; custom inserts can be added to boost the value of the packages. You can customize them for several types of things like candles, food, cosmetics, etc. Other than that, you can make them in multiple shapes like custom sleeves, flip-flops, and drawers.  

So these are the top three points that make the consumer go after the custom boxes for their businesses.