When Should I Settle My Personal Injury Claim in Salem?


When you file a personal injury claim, the insurance company will investigate all the details. Moreover, the process can become time-consuming, especially if you fail to settle the case outside the court. This is one of the reasons why victims rush to settle their personal injury claims. 


After the investigation, the insurance company rolls out a settlement offer through formal communication. The insurance company will never work in your favor, even if you seek compensation from your insurance company. Instead, they will try to offer a lower compensation amount, assuming you may accept it and eventually save their money. 


Unfortunately, many victims fall into the trap and think this is the highest amount they will receive. Furthermore, victims fear that they will no longer get compensation if they deny the given settlement amount. But, this is not the case. When you pursue financial compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Salem, they will guide you about the compensation amount and when you should settle. However, you will likely settle for less if you go without a lawyer. 


Your lawyer can help in understanding the average amount you should expect. 


Calculating the exact figure when it comes to getting compensation is impossible. Since various damages are involved, including emotional pain and suffering, no lawyer can give you an exact figure. However, a lawyer can calculate an average amount that you should be expecting from the insurance company. When calculating the average amount, the lawyer will consider the following things: 


  • All the past medical bills, including hospital stays, surgical expenses, prescriptions, rehabilitation costs, ambulance costs, and more. 
  • Future medical expenses, including the medical assistance you will need in the future due to your injuries. 
  • Property damage, if any. 
  • Emotional pain and suffering. 
  • The loss of income you incurred due to missed work from your injuries. 
  • Whether you lost earning capacity for future. 


Additional factors will also be considered, depending on the total damages incurred. 


When is the right time to settle?


The insurance company cannot force you to settle your claim, nor do they have the right to threaten you not to grant you compensation if you fail to accept their offer. You should speak to your lawyer as soon as you are offered a settlement. Based on all the expenses you had to incur, the lawyer will cross-check and evaluate if the settlement is sufficient. 


If the lawyer feels you deserve more than the offered settlement, they can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.