What To Do In A Slip And Fall Incident

Slip And Fall

When you slip and fall on someone’s property then the owner of the property is liable to pay for your loss. A slip and fall accident may result in serious injuries such as head injuries, neck strains, backbone injuries, broken arms or fractured hip joints, and sometimes less serious injuries like bruises and wounds. No matter how serious your case is, you should make sure that you follow proper procedures. 

After falling at someone’s property, here is what you should do. 

Take Pictures Of The Site 

When you fall on public property, you should immediately take pictures of the site to keep it as proof. The picture should clearly show the hazard and lack of any warning signs. You should also take pictures of your injury, bruises, and wounds so that you can show them as evidence for the security of the fall. 

These pictures can be helpful evidence for you when you want to claim your loss. With the proof, you can contact the guilty party and their insurance company for compensation for your loss. 

File A Report 

You should also file a report for the accident. You should talk to the authorities at fault and tell them about the misfortune. If the police are involved, make sure that you talk to the police about your experience. 

You should keep a copy of this report for yourself so that you can use it as a piece of evidence when you try to make a claim. 

Get Medical Attention 

You should consult a doctor and make sure to get yourself thoroughly checked. You should not delay getting medical attention. Not only it is important for a quick recovery but also very crucial to build a case against the guilty party. 

When you get medical attention, you can use doctor’s notes and test results as a piece of evidence to help you with the insurance claim. If you do not get medical attention and you avoid completing the therapy session, the opponents can use it to prove that your injuries were not serious enough. 

Consult A Lawyer 

You should hire a personal injury attorney to help you with the case. Lawyers who are familiar with personal injury law know how to deal with property owners and their insurance companies. Your lawyer will provide you with advice on your legal rights and how to get them.

Furthermore, your lawyer can help you fill out the insurance form so that your claim is not rejected. 

Keep All The Facts Safe 

When you gather all the facts about the accident, you should keep them safe. Make sure that you have a copy of the report that you filed with the police and the property owner at which you experienced a slip and fall accident. You should also have all the history of the medical attention that you needed after the accident.

These documents are important to help you build a case in court or if the guilty party wants to settle things out of court you can make sure that you get the right amount of compensation.