What Shoppers Expect from the Online Retail Experience?

custom Rigid boxes

Your customers are your meal tickets. Without them, even the world’s most fantastic product fails to see any sale. And things get worse when you fail to delight the customers. Eventually, you go out of business—slowly or quickly. As a result, smart business owners spend a hefty amount of time and money to uncover the most important secret: what customers want rigid boxes?

 So what do customers really want? And how you can meet their needs? Fortunately, there are quite a few days to tackle this problem. An ideal way is to give them the product they want. The other way is about their experience of buying and using that product. In brief, right from discovering to ordering, shipping, interaction with the support team, and everything in between plays a pivotal role.

Here we will focus more on the latter part—customer experience.

Customer Experience                             

Many are well aware of the fact that customer experience has become increasingly important. For some shoppers, it’s a part of the product. Whether they order again from a business largely depends on their customer experience.

So how on earth can you give your customers what they want in terms of customer experience? We have done some research and rounded up valuable information for you and listed it here. If you apply these suggestions, you are pretty likely to see larger order sizes, higher conversions, and more loyal customers.     

Give them Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

You may have heard how custom printed rigid boxes improves the customer’s experience. But that’s not all. It also increases customer loyalty. 

In a survey, 30 percent of the shoppers divulged they are prone to order again from a business if it ships their order in bespoke packaging. Big spenders are more likely to be influenced by this. Remember, the more someone shops online, the more likely they will be swayed by the custom printed rigid boxes

Besides making your custom rigid box eye-catching, it’s essential to give your customers an easy-to-open packaging. During a survey, 55 percent of the consumers avowed that some packages are really difficult to open. They also revealed that difficult to open packaging solutions are the most frustrating thing about e-commerce packaging.   

Offer Free Shipping

‘Free’ is perhaps the most powerful word in the English dictionary. It seems more relevant for e-commerce brands due to obvious reasons. But the problem is where to use it. 

When you end up using it with shipping, it has a crazy effect on your sales. That’s because customers hate to pay for shipping. More than 2,000 customers surveyed affirmed that ‘free shipping’ tops their list when enhancing customer experience. 

Offering free shipping to your customers could instantly boost your sales. However, there is a solid reason why online vendors charge for shipping. It costs them significantly, and you cannot simply eat that cost. But there are ways to do things:

  • Add the cost of shipping to each item.
  • Chart out a minimum order size that you are ready to cover the shipping for.

Most online stores opt for the second choice. That’s possibly the best way you, too. About 91 percent of the customers claimed that they could spend more to avail free shipping offer.

Ship their Orders Fast

Want to know how impatient we all are? The study found that 90 percent of the shoppers will prefer a delivery option that ensures their online order reaches their doorstep within seven days. This means they are even willing to pay for the upgrade.

Thanks to fast shipping services that have spoiled most of us.