5 Ways to Improve your Business Results on Google


In this business world, each industry needs to be recognized on all search engines. The most famous search engine in this world of competition is Google and every company wants itself to get featured on it. While a lot of people have an idea that what it takes to be on the top in google search, there is still a fraction of the business community who is working to gets its hand on featuring its business on Google.  Since Google engages 95% of its audience on its first page everybody wants to know the tricks of being on the first page of Google search results.

The answer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which will take your business site on top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The term may seem simple and familiar but once you get into insights you will know it’s not that easy. But here we have listed down some basic steps for your business site to get Search Engine Optimized and help you to improve your business results on Google.

Design a strong business site

While you have designed your business website yourself or hired some professional, there are a few mistakes that later on affect your business results on Google. Your website structure and style should be strong enough to keep the audience engaged, and here it is not just confined to the content you produce but your overall website structure should be solid.  Your website should be user-friendly, easily readable, and easy to navigate. Poor navigation on the website may also affect SEO results. With that, you have to keep 2 things in mind; firstly to make sure your business name is included in your domain name, and secondly to be sure that you write your business name in the About Us section.  Since Google cannot read in images so putting the name of your business in just a Logo is not enough you need to mention the name on the Homepage as well.

Search right Keywords

This is one of the famous tricks, to target the right audience you need to first search for the list of right keywords which will not only increase your google search engine rankings but will also enhance your audience circle. The more keyword enriched your content will be, the more will be the chances for your site to appear on the search engines. Just focus on the right keyword listing by searching keywords that suit your business, your audience, and your products.

Create keyword enriched content

Once you are done with keyword hunting, it is important to create content that has those keywords included in it. It is then more likely for your website to gather and engage more audiences.  Remember, quality content means more audience engagement and ultimately a higher Google search ranking. It is recommended to experiment with the content you write, you can opt for a more storytelling approach rather than essay like paragraphs because a story will engage more audience. Also, increasing the length of your content will increase the time which the audience will spend on your website.  Focus on keywords, but include them in a way that doesn’t feel odd. Write for your business in such a way that your audience feels you have written for them.

Check your links

You need to check both your internal and external links to ensure better search engine optimization. Fix your website by fixing those broken links; the links which no longer work, or have wrong data or may involve some mistake in the algorithm. Once done, you need to now optimize your links and the content through the anchor keyword. Build links by providing the right and relevant content to it; your content should be anchor keyword focused. By putting anchor keywords, your links will be more searchable and optimized. Make sure not to replicate keywords directly from any other source always. Make slight changes to avoid Google penalties.

Optimize your Web Pages

Once you have fixed all other errors, it is time to optimize your web page and increase its aesthetics to make it more user-friendly. The main things to appear on your page include the Title that should be the focus keyword to connect to your audience. The URL of your web page and the content you choose to display, both should incorporate the anchor keyword in it. With that, it is a better idea to provide outbound links and internal links as well. Outbound links will help Google know that what you wrote is well researched. Internal links will let your audience to navigate and visit different pages of your website. To improve website aesthetics you can add images, animations, or videos as well.

Still, confused? Hire a Professional

It is okay if you still don’t have the confidence to optimize your website. Seek some Professional SEO service in UK and get rest assured.