Ways to Amplify Your Real Estate Business Through Zillow Clone App


There is a huge rise in using mobile apps for everything. Right from ordering food to ordering petty things, a day doesn’t end without using such apps. Considering the current trend, entrepreneurs can build an app for the real estate business that helps users in shifting. This shifting can be to a different city, any region, or a country.

Keeping the current changing lifestyle in mind, we are building a real estate app like Zillow that simplifies buying a house or renting a place.

Why build a Zillow clone for the business?

Zillow-like app development helps businesses to leverage their real estate business available in the market. The recent stat highlights that the Clone app has more than 190 million potential users and generates more than $1 billion.
It is one go and the first approach when it comes to finding houses and buying homes.

Why Zillow Clone app?

Zillow has created its brand and trust from a wide audience, and today, it has become the first and the last name when dealing with the real estate business. It is a convenient platform where the app does everything freely for users in one go concerning real estate processes of what a real estate broker had done earlier manually.

Keeping that in mind, it is the right time for even the budding entrepreneurs to act according to the current trend and bridge the user’s demand by building a real estate business app like Zillow. This real estate clone app also helps people to stay away from brokers who are more prone to cheat or deceive people of their time and money. With the app, this issue gets automatically resolved as the users will not find such fraudsters here.

To generate income and retain users for businesses and industry people, they can use it as an advertising network platform to get to more business interests. Zillow also possesses the largest database that comes with home listings in the US for the buyers.

Listing crucial features to include while developing an app

When developing an app like Zillow, a real estate app focusing on iOS and Android, consider adding and look into many factors because it helps you reach a successful process to develop an app most appropriately. For this, some of the features which you should add to your real estate app – Zillow Clone are

Simple yet effective design

Building a real estate app focuses more on usability and prioritizes the simplicity of design. Have an intuitive interface for the users that permits them to search anywhere they want with ease. They should also be able to identify and get the details they are looking for quickly. Therefore, never underestimate simple designs as they are the key to have a better user experience.

Search filter

Develop a real estate app like Zillow that helps users find what they want at the earliest, and they should be able to implement different parameters that can help with it. This allows users to efficiently and quickly get access to the data they are looking for. This way, the resource will be utilized more, and the user experience that it offers to the users through the resource will increase automatically.

Good streaming

It is important and essential to use NAR and MLS databases to increase the speed of streaming. Instead of spending a huge amount of money buying hardware for storage, using cloud-based systems is recommended. If you are looking for other solutions, then think about leasing servers but keep in mind that this will end up as an extra cost to your budget.

Photo Gallery

While developing an application for real estate, including a huge and well-maintained library of photos. This feature highly increases users’ visibility for an extended period as users will see them first before they actually buy a house. This should be added along with other details and make the photos easily accessible for the app users. Moreover, this will move forward in help in building trust for the customers.

Final thoughts,

The Zillow like app makes the work compelling and more effortless for property owners to connect with buyers to negotiate prices and close deals. Our Zillow app clone acts as a convenient platform that allows these exchanges to take place where it provides a rich and high-quality app with an intuitive UI that helps establish your business at the top of the industry.