Various Steps To Set Up A Tuition Agency In Singapore

tuition agency in Singapore

Setting up a tuition agency in Singapore is a good business idea. It requires a low initial investment, and one can operate the business from home in the initial few months. However, to successfully kickstart a tuition agency in Singapore, one must be familiar with the steps and some tips & tricks. They help aspiring entrepreneurs get an initial boost for their business.

We have curated various steps below that come in handy to set up a tuition agency in Singapore. So, let’s check them out.

Steps To Start A Tutoring Agency in Singapore

Decide The Name and Website URL

Naming the tutoring business is the initial and one of the crucial steps. One must select a simple name so that people can remember and recall it easily. Choosing a good name optimises the marketing process, making the promotion easy to manage.

If possible, try to get the exact website URL of the tutoring agency name. It helps a lot in branding the business and making an online presence.

When buying a domain name, keep in mind that .com domains are comparatively cheaper. On the other hand, domains are expensive but more targeted to the local audience. You must select the one that complements your marketing strategy.

In short, the name of the tuition agency plays a huge role in successfully setting up the business in the market and effective promotions.

Registering The Business

Registering the business is essential to ensure that you operate in compliance with all the legalities. This particular sector doesn’t have so many regulations. However, it is still crucial to implement some rules and regulations on an individual level. It ensures that the audience trusts the business.

Consider an example, your tutoring website is up and running but doesn’t have its business registration number mentioned on the website. If some student, tutor, or parent finds out that you are operating the business without a registration number, it creates a bad impression on them. Besides, one might also have trouble dealing with some legal actions.

A simple solution is to register with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). This way, one can get a registration number authorised by the government of Singapore. Afterward, you can display that number on the website and wherever else is required to prove the credibility and trustworthiness of the business.

Similarly, it is essential to keep all the legal and administrative work in check to operate the tutoring business avoiding any issues.

Keep Data Protection in Check

Data is a sensitive entity. For this reason, it is crucial to work while staying in compliance with the “data protection act of Singapore”.

When taking personal information like phone numbers, and email addresses, it is crucial to mention the relevant details in your privacy policy. The website users must know how and where your organisation uses their personal information. In short, you should make sure to work in compliance with the data protection laws.

Various tutoring agencies have faced fines and penalties due to loopholes in their user data management system. So, it is better to keep things in check in advance; to avoid any problems later on.

Promoting The Tuition Business

Once the website is up and running, the promotion of the tutoring services comes into play. There are various methods of advertising and marketing the tuition agency.

The simplest and most common method is print advertisements. One can put the flyers and print ads at the locations where they can capture the desired audience. Some good places to put these ads are nearby schools, offices, and residential societies.

For online marketing, one can opt for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that help the tutoring business rank by targeting specific keywords related to tuition. Consequently, one gets high traffic on the agency’s website to create a good user base.

Furthermore, social media is one of the best marketing tools. By regularly posting content related to tuition and related services on social media platforms, one can build a large audience. Afterward, you get users for your website from the social media audience.

Hire Coordinators

The role of coordinators becomes crucial when the tuition agency starts getting considerable traffic on the website. Preferably, hire the ones who have experience dealing with tutors and students in the past. Because they help you upscale the business by analysing the market trends and implementing the best practices to increase traffic on the website.

One can handle a tuition agency on their own in the starting. But to take the tutoring business to its full potential, a team is required. Hiring part-time coordinators is the first step in building a good workforce for your tutoring agency.

Payment Setup

When students start booking tutors’ services for various subjects, it is crucial to have a payment system. Please make sure that the payment system is transparent to minimise cheating and fraud cases.

There are incidents where the tutors try to contact the parents or students directly, avoiding giving a share of their income to the tutoring agency. As the commission is the primary source of revenue for a tutoring agency, it is essential to block such tutors and students from the platform.

Also, ensure that the students or parents pay the tutoring agency and not the tutor directly. Additionally, the implemented payment gateways must be secure and reliable to facilitate hassle-free payments. This way, one can effectively set up a robust payment system for the tutoring website.

Summing Up

By following the above steps, one can easily set up a tuition agency business in Singapore. Afterward, you can keep adding more options and functionalities to the website to stay relevant to the market. This way, one can capture the audience for different subjects like English tuition, Maths tuition, etc.

When the business starts generating some revenue, re-invest a portion of the money in brand building and marketing. Building an audience at the initial stages requires considerable time and effort. But, after the tuition agency is properly established in the market, it is one of the most rewarding and profitable businesses.