TWAIN Scanner SDK for Web Applications

TWAIN Scanner

Document scanning can be done with the help of a desktop application as well as a web app. But, web-based applications have one crucial benefit over desktop ones. Web applications allow you to scan documents within the browser directly. Moreover, you can scan to and from remote locations. So, if you are looking for a TWAIN scanner for your web applications, Dynamic Web TWAIN will be ideal for your scanning requirements. It is an enterprise-grade document scanning SDK designed to deploy your web applications rapidly. Here is everything you need to know about this TWAIN scanner SDK. 

Rapidly Deploy Web Applications with Dynamic Web TWAIN Scanner SDK 

Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK is designed specifically for web applications. With a few lines of JavaScript code, you can create applications to scan documents in all common web browsers. As a result, you can scan thousands of pages in a single session and save a lot of time and effort. Below are some exciting features of this TWAIN Scanner SDK you must know. 

  • Dynamic Web TWAIN supports scanning from all popular desktop and mobile browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. 
  • Its customization capabilities allow you to fit your unique use cases and let you scan hundreds of thousands of documents in one go. 
  • Working with this TWAIN scanner is easy as no matter the time-consuming APIs, they can all be called asynchronously. 
  • The Dynamic Web TWAIN supports multiple view-and-edit features such as crop, rotate, mirror, brightness, contrast, and more. 
  • Several built-in compression algorithms are available to help reduce the file size, for example, JPEG encoding for TIFF.  
  • You can upload and export your documents in different formats, file systems, and transfer protocols to save to network repositories or local. 
  • Easy integration on the client and server-side further make this TWAIN scanner SDK the first choice of many brands across the globe. 
  • Another essential feature of Dynamic Web TWAIN is the host of strong security features that it offers. Some of these are digital encryption, digital signature, and mandatory authorization for accessing local files. 
  • Simple end-user distribution further adds to the list of noteworthy features of this document scanning SDK. There is no need for an on-server installation for X-Copy deployment. 
  • You can also opt for some powerful add-ons such as PDF Rasterizer to convert the text in the PDF files to images, a barcode reader to scan 1D and 2D barcodes, OCR recognition to read the text in images and make it editable, and webcam capture. 

Try the Dynamic Web TWAIN Today 

If you want to explore the features of the Dynamic Web TWAIN on your own, you can download its 30-day free trial. No commitments are required as your billing details are not asked during the trial period. You can also try the online demo to see this TWAIN scanner SDK in action. You can compare it with different document scanners out there and see what makes it superior to others. 

If you get stuck during the trial, you can contact the technical support team, and they will help you out and resolve all your queries.