Top Number Puzzles to Play On Your Smartphone


Number puzzles are one of the most popular types of puzzles. The finest aspect of these number games is that they are fun to play, brainteasers, and include a variety of levels ranging from easy to difficult.

When you first begin to solve numbers puzzles, you could start with simpler variations. But, once you have mastered these, you can go on to the more challenging ones. In addition, the difficult ones are optimal for you because they may boost your ability to concentrate and problem-solving skills. Ultimately, you require both of these skills to solve them.

Currently, a variety of number puzzles can be downloaded on a smartphone or tablet and played anywhere. Because there are so many number puzzles available, choosing one that offers a satisfying gaming experience might be tough. This page lists the most popular number puzzles that can be downloaded on your mobile device. They will offer a fantastic gaming experience and keep you glued to your phone for hours.

1. Sudoku

Because Sudoku is one of the best puzzles available, it must be included on the list of the best number puzzles. It is one of those enduring games that players of all ages have always cherished. In 1976, an American by the name of Howard Garns invented the game Sudoku. Howard was a retired architect who was also a puzzle designer. The following year, Dell Magazines produced Sudoku. A Japanese publisher acquired the game and renamed it Sudoku, which means “Single Numbers” in Japanese.

Played on a 9×9 grid holding the digits 1 through 9, the objective is to arrange the numbers horizontally and vertically. There should be no repeated numbers in rows, columns, or squares. There are hints to help you if you get stuck while playing this game. The engaging and compulsive game will provide you with maximum fun.

2. Original 2048

This is also one of the most popular number puzzles. The player must connect identical tiles to generate larger numbered tiles. The game is over if there are no leftover spaces on the board or moves. This game will keep you riveted to your screen as you strive to construct larger numbered tiles, and it is a lot of fun. This explains why this game has received many positive reviews and downloads since its release.

3. Drop the Number: The Merge Puzzle

This is also another number puzzle that is enjoyable to play. In addition, it is one of the most challenging number puzzles available. The purpose is to select adjacent numerals that are equivalent. If you’re seeking an amusing and challenging number puzzle, this game offers everything you need.

4. Threes

Threes is similar to 2048. Both require the player to move tiles and combine them with tiles of the same number. Threes is one of those incredible number puzzles you should download on your Android device.

To play, you must slide the tiles so that they form the number three and its multiples. A set of rules describing how to play this game is provided. Even though it may initially appear simple, connecting the tiles will require considerable expertise. Threes is an intriguing, interesting number puzzle game. The tile’s value will increase by two. Fundamentally, two threes are combined to form a six; two sixes are combined to form a twelve, etc.