Top 5 CleanMyMac X Alternative to Clean Your Mac

CleanMyMac X Alternative

Unlike the Windows operating system, Mac machines are very stable and don’t go cranky easily. All you need to do is just clean it on a regular basis and it will deliver the best performance. Manual cleaning and optimization may take up a lot of time and energy on a routine basis, hence we make use of auto-clean software like CleanMyMac X.

Apple never promotes using any optimization software however the manual process is not that user-friendly to enter each folder and subfolder to clean and optimize the device. CleanMyMac X is a very stable and effective optimization suite however in the recent past there were some complaints about the performance of this application. After the latest update of the CleanMyMac X version, 4.7.4 users started getting repetitive issues and started looking for CleanMyMac X alternatives.

Here in this roundup, we have tested, reviewed, and compared the best CleanMyMac X alternatives that can replace your existing cleaning tool with amazing features and inbuilt utilities.


Compatibility: OSX 10.7 or higher

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TuneupMyMac is one futuristic software that is compatible with all the latest versions of macOS. This is one of the best alternatives to CleanMyMac X to optimize your Mac and embed powerful tools to the device. You can free up hard drive space, delete sensitive and confidential data securely, remove junk files and clutter, optimize the hard drive, and get the best ever performance.

TuneupMyMac offers one-click optimization, clean system files, junk files, cache, cookies, log files, app data, temp files, and other redundant files. It can also help you clear unused language files that can free up a lot of space on the drive. You can take advantage of other utility tools to delete duplicate files, uninstaller, Startup optimization to clean Startup Apps, Browser optimization, Privacy cleaning, large files optimization, and secure shredder to delete files safely.

CCleaner For Mac

Compatibility: OSX 10.8 or later

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CCleaner is one of the greatest and amazing CleanMyMac X alternatives available in 2021. Experience the fastest computing experience with CCleaner Professional as it not only cleans junk files but also optimizes the device to give its best. Ease up the system boot with Startup optimization and clean up clutter to make room for upcoming files. Clear up the recycle bin, temporary files and folders, broken permissions, unwanted installed programs, browser cookies, and temp files just with a single click.

CCleaner offers real-time protection to safeguard your device from unwanted potential threats and other security measures. These privacy protection utilities are helpful in offering the best possible security while shopping online. You can also manage your startup applications, check for program updates, wipe out disk space, and perform overall optimization on your computer.

Disk Clean Pro

Compatibility: OSX 10.7 or higher

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Disk Clean Pro is a highly rated professional application to optimize Mac performance and ensure you get the best out of your device. You can free up clutter from the device and recover precious storage space. All you need to do is initiate the scan and it will automatically analyse and figure out redundant and obsolete files that need to be removed.

Disk Clean Pro is a junk cleaner that also removes unwanted log files, unwanted crash reports, incomplete downloads just with a single click. It is a multi-utility software that is bundled up to remove duplicate indexing, clean up old and unused files, large files, and old downloads. You can also optimize your browser and clean your internet browsing history, trash, old backups, email downloads, and malicious cleaning for privacy protection.

MacBooster 8

Compatibility: OSX 10.7 or later

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MacBooster is a renowned product and has always been counted as one of the best CleanMyMac X alternatives to boost up Mac performance and optimization. It is capable of cleaning up to 20 different types of junk files, keep you away from spyware, malware, virus, and other threats. MacBooster also comes with advanced tune-up utilities to boost hard drive performance, optimize RAM and fix disk permission issues on your Mac.

MacBooster is a user-friendly optimization utility to give you additional coverage on browsers, applications, iTunes, and malicious threats. It can protect your privacy and anonymity while going on eCommerce websites, banking websites, and other browsing activities. You can also make use of other inbuilt utilities to clean Duplicate File, optimize your Memory, delete Large Files, Uninstaller for safe uninstallation and boost up performance.

Stellar SpeedUp Mac

Compatibility: OSX 10.7 or later

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The best CleanMyMac X alternative on our list is Stellar SpeedUp Mac that comes with a 30 days FREE trial to clean up your Mac hard drive. Clean unwanted and duplicate files from your hard drive and optimize your Mac to give its best. It can clean up your hard drive, Large system files, cache, cookies, junk, log files, trash, and startup entries.

Boost your Mac performance by uninstalling unwanted language packs, redundant data, hidden files, large files, old files from internal and external storage devices. You can also manage login items at startup and remove third-party items that are not necessary to load when you boot your device. Optimize your RAM to deliver the best performance with the best alternatives to CleanMyMac X.

Summing Up

CleanMyMac X was among one of the best Mac cleaners for all these years however with new updates, the performance started dipping down and users decided to switch to the best CleanMyMac X alternatives. These top Mac cleaners of 2021 listed above are the best alternatives to CleanMyMac X that can replace your existing optimization software to get the best out of your Mac.