Top 10 Best-selling Strategy Games

Strategy Games
Top 10 Best-selling Strategy Games

If you want to have a pleasant time on your computer, there are many things you can do. You can search for a new show on Netflix or play games on sites like GGBet Canada. But if you’re looking for a little more than casual fun, you should check out strategy games. Real-time and turn-based strategy games are almost as old as computers and require more than just random clicks: you have to plan your every move carefully. If you want to try them but don’t know where to start, this article is for you: below, we list the 10 best-selling strategy games.

1. Jurassic Park Evolution

Released in 2018, this game has sold over 3 million copies so far, and its sequel has been released recently. So, if you like it, there is also a “Jurassic Park Evolution 2” that you can play. You literally build your own dinosaur park in the game. Your goal is to attract as many tourists to the park as possible, and for this, you have to plan which buildings to construct and which dinosaurs to breed. You should make decisions considering the safety of your visitors and be ready to intervene in any problem that may occur in the park.

2. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

This game, which sold about 4.5 million copies, was developed by Blizzard and is the sequel to the legendary RTS of the same name. (You can still play the original game: it is the world’s best-selling RTS game with 11 million sales.) There are three factions in the game: Terrans, Zerg and Protoss. You choose one, build your base and try to eliminate the others. If you like classic RTS games, you should definitely try the Starcraft series.

3. Age of Empires IV

Even those who do not like strategy games have heard of the Age of Empires name. This series, where you build and develop your own civilization and fight other civilizations, created the basic mechanics of today’s RTS games and deserves to be played for that reason alone. Even the second game of the series, which was released years ago, is still among the most popular RTS games. In the fourth game, you can have a brand-new experience with updated graphics and renewed mechanics.

4. Civilization VI

Civilization is the granddaddy of almost all turn-based strategies out there. Created by Sid Meier years ago, this series has sold more than 57 million copies in total and inspired lots of games. The sixth game in the series has sold more than 6 million copies and includes many DLCs. Now you can choose from dozens of civilizations and try to win the game with economy, culture or war: one more turn!

5. Stellaris

In strategy games, “4x” is the name of a special category, and games of this genre always want you to build an empire. The playground can be the space or the real world, but it is always huge. Stellaris is set in an almost infinite universe and demands that you build your empire by diplomacy or military force. The game has sold nearly 4 million copies and is considered one of the best examples of modern 4x strategy games.

6. Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

Those under the age of 20 will not remember the name, but with the recently released remastered collection, you can now play this legendary RTS series on modern systems. Created by Westwood Studios, this series focuses on the “Tiberium” battles between the Brotherhood of Nod and Global Defense. You choose your side, build your base and start fighting to control this rare element. The series is almost as old as the original Warcraft (the first game was released in 1995) and is among the earliest examples of RTS.

7. Warcraft III Reforged

Speaking of Warcraft, the remastered version of the third game in this series was also released in 2020. Warcraft is considered one of the first RTS titles to feature a multiplayer mode. Warcraft III was originally released in 2002, but it had some problems with modern systems: the reforged version fixed all those issues. Now you can choose your side, Alliance or Horde, and witness the story that formed the basis of the MMORPG of the same name. For the Horde!

8. Hearts of Iron IV

If you want to play a realistic strategy game about the World War II era, the Hearts of Iron series is for you. The action starts in 1936 or 1939, and you can choose and control any nation in the world. You can respect historical reality or try to change history: in any case, you have to consider both your military and economic strength. Hearts of Iron is one of Paradox’s best-selling series.

9. Crusader Kings III

If you like the gameplay of Hearts of Iron but find the period it depicts to be too “modern”, Crusader Kings is more suitable for you. This series is similar to Hearts of Iron in many ways, but it is about the Middle Ages instead of World War II. In the historical period between 867 and 1453, you try to create a dynasty and dominate the others. 

10. XCOM 2

XCom is one of the first turn-based strategy games released, and for the same reason, it has a large player base. The series was modernized in 2012, and two games have been released since then. XCOM 2 is the more successful one: it sold over 500,000 copies in its first week of release. In the game, you take on the role of the commander of a military organization called XCOM and control a special team fighting against aliens trying to invade the world.