The Strange and Wonderful World of Body Sculptors in China

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Body Sculptors, or as it’s more commonly known in China, Body Sculptors, has become increasingly popular in recent years. With higher incomes and increasing interest in physical appearance, people are now able to invest in expensive body shaping procedures such as liposuction and gastric bypass surgery that were unavailable 20 years ago, when the practice first began. Today, there are hundreds of body sculptors across China who specializes in making the human form appear more aesthetically pleasing than nature did on its own!

Shaping Young Bodies

In a quick Google search, it turns out that there are many body sculptors in China, providing everything from $1,000-a-session professional consultations to full body transformations. These kinds of surgeries are becoming increasingly popular with middle scholars and high schooners who hope to look more fashionable or compete better academically. Experts attribute this increase to parental pressure as well as the prevalence of celebrity culture amongst young people. This is problematic on multiple levels, but ultimately has its origins in an inability to cultivate self-acceptance. Parents should not encourage their children’s insecurity by paying for unrealistic looks, nor should students be pressured into trying dangerous surgeries just so they’ll fit the perfect mold. Self-acceptance should be encouraged and validated at every age, so we can break the cycle of creating monsters for our own entertainment.

Changing Faces

The first time I saw a before-and-after picture of a Chinese body sculptor’s work, I had a double take. Was that real? Is it possible for someone to do this with her face? Yes, she does. That’s why when you want to change your face for some reason; it’s usually easier to go overseas to find the help you need instead of trying different treatments here at home. These Body Sculptors from all over the world come together in a place like China where they have particular plastic surgery skills with fresh batches of willing patients that provide their livelihoods so they don’t have to come back home after each job and just start working on the next one right away. This way, they can live in style and maintain their current lifestyle while living abroad. Many of these doctors are quite talented too, not only because they’re able to reshape bodies but also because they’re experts in age defying techniques as well. Whether it’s plumping up lips or taking years off faces, these people know what they’re doing and will ensure you’ll be happy with the outcome as long as you follow their instructions Of Body Sculptors.

Bigger Eyes

In China, one particular surgery has become incredibly popular. It is called a double-eyelid surgery, which involves creating folds in the skin over your eyelids to give you a more desirable look. In some cases, surgeons can even transform those with monolids into lidded eyes. An eyelid surgery like this usually costs around $400-$600 dollars, but it is thought that customers are willing to pay the hefty price because they feel more confident as they undergo these changes. Doctors are always looking for new ways to improve their skills and keep up with changing times. They don’t just do cosmetic surgeries anymore; they also specialize in orthopedic surgeries such as kneecap replacements or arthroscopic surgeries.

Enlarged Breasts

Ever since silicone breast implants were banned, many women have traveled to Chengdu, a city in the western province of Sichuan, to receive the services of Body Sculptors. A business will usually advertise that they offer these services by putting pictures outside their office showing two before-and-after pictures – one with breasts where the woman has gotten smaller breasts, or just different looking ones. They often charge about $2,000 for the procedure. The process takes place in an underground room beneath the doctor’s clinic. The patients are given local anesthesia, and then the surgeon makes small incisions at each side of the nipple area and injects industrial grade silicon into each breast using an ultrasound machine.

Narrower Waists

At the third stop on my visit to Shanghai, I headed off to visit a body sculptor’s studio. The proprietor told me about his medical history (he had been working for three years) and asked me why I was there. My waist was bothering me so I wanted to see if he could give me a few more centimeters there. He suggested I try something called washboard abs first, which cost $7000 USD. After some deliberation, I went ahead with it despite the steep price because they were providing an intense service that wasn’t readily available Body Sculptors. For that amount of money, I would have at least expected them to go through every millimeter of my stomach to make sure they got rid of all the fat deposits, but apparently it only works if you’re thin enough already. When he finished up with me after 45 minutes, there was no difference whatsoever. Apparently I needed liposuction or laser surgery instead, both of which are prohibitively expensive.

Smaller Arms and Legs

It’s funny to think about the ways in which we judge people based on their physical appearance. We scrutinize everything from our surroundings to what others say about us. However, these judgments can sometimes hurt our feelings or make us feel self-conscious. Sometimes we might even get down on ourselves because we’re worried that other people won’t approve of how we look. This story could have been that kind of story–but it isn’t. As a matter of fact, the story is a little bit different than you might imagine–it’s completely crazy! It all started when some people went out for the day with their friends on a leisurely boat ride along a river in Henan Province, China. The boat stopped near a man who was sitting by the water. The man was wearing shorts, sandals, sunglasses and had no shirt on. His arms were at his sides but his legs were spread open so that he was doing squats. At first everyone thought he was just taking a break from Body Sculptors but then they realized something much more strangely… He had no legs!

It turns out this guy (let’s call him) is one of many ‘body sculptors’ in China who earns money by working his upper body while squatting down into place. So every time someone passes by, he gets paid 100 Yuan to hold his pose until they go away again.