The best options in custom printed lotion boxes

Custom Printed Lotion Boxes

My last retail management project was about the most impressive custom printed lotion boxes and their attributes. My teacher wanted her students to understand that retail marketing in modern times did not depend on just one factor. Gone are the times when the customers trusted the quality of products blindly. Today, there are so many options, alternatives, and substitutes available that it leaves them confused. The custom printed lotion boxes in the modern era cannot capture the market simply because of their high functionality. It has to offer something more to the potential target market. This ‘more’ can be design, usability, attraction, etc. I started my research by sifting through the shelf products on the retails. I selected five retail outlets, three wholesalers, and two departmental store floor managers to interview and get information.

As I entered the retail outlets, I noted that almost all the printed lotion boxes were kept in the skincare aisle of the retails. Some had boxes, while others were packed in jars, bottles, and tubes. Some even had a custom printed sleeve around their jars and bottles. These sleeves carry all the information that is printed otherwise on the printed lotion boxes. Most companies who were opting for greener packaging solutions were using this kind of packaging. It was also a good option for the companies running low on the packaging and marketing budget. Exclusive features like foil stamping are used on these custom printed lotion sleeves to highlight the design, logo, and text printed on them. Some premium brands and companies had also offered luxury packaging for their lotions sets.

Premium lotion boxes in USA manufacturers

The packaging industry of our country has grown by leaps and bounds. Several manufacturers of lotion boxes in USA are catering to the premium packaging and marketing needs of retail companies. During my research, I observed that top-of-the-line companies often packaged more than one type of lotion in one premium custom box. It helps them offer variety to their customers. Currently, I found several companies offering small SKUs of lotions in refreshing fragrances like rose, lavender, tea-tree, which are ideal for summer. These lotions come in beautifully printed lotion boxes that grab the attention of the viewers. These boxes make perfect gift sets. Brands use full-color printing options on these to create branding content as it provides a reason for their audience to remember them. Some companies invest in custom rigid boxes to win the hearts of their customers. These boxes make the unboxing experience memorable for them.

Boxes for lotions can be given;

  • Matte finish
  • Gloss Finish
  • High gloss finish

Using the options of Spot UV, aqueous coating and even lamination. The colors of the boxes are determined according to the gender, age and other demographic details of the target audience. Most brands that are offering lotions for men select colors like;

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. White
  4. Ivory
  5. Grey
  6. Silver etc.

What is printed on custom printed lotion boxes?

These boxes include important information for the users of the lotions. The first thing any user must notice before buying is the ‘date of expiry’ on these boxes. Every user must remember to discard lotions after this date. Even if lotions do not smell or look off, they might become toxic. The other thing to notice n these custom printed lotion boxes is the ingredients list. Customers must remember to read through this list to identify any chemical, element, or preservative that one is allergic of. This way, they can switch for another variant timely and save themselves from trouble due to its use later. If you are a lotion brand trying to find the retail boxes options that will talk to your customers check out ClipnBox now.