Table Linens for Your Wedding to Creating the Look You Want

Table Linens for Your Wedding to Creating the Look You Want

Magical tablescapes don’t just create themselves. But before you can get to all of the accessories, you need to decide on your linens. We are going back to basics on tablecloths, table runners, and napkins that will serve as the foundation for your table decor.


First, you don’t need a tablecloth if you don’t want one. Especially if you’ve got a really gorgeous wooden table, why cover it up?  But if you are using standard tables provided to you by a rental company, you are definitely going to want to bring on the linens!  Your tablecloth will be a big part of your overall decor because it is providing the base to your design. If you want to use a plain white tablecloth and then load it up with other details, your tablecloth will be the framework. However, if you want your tablecloth to be the star, pick one with an exciting texture or pattern.  If you are having a vintage wedding, consider a fabric-like lace. The lace will go well with your decor and provide a great coordinating accent for the rest of your table details.

Table Runners

We love how table runners can completely transform the vibe of a table.  It’s probably one of our very favorite details.  Earlier we spoke about using your tablecloth as a foundation for other accessories or making it the star. You have to decide similarly about your runner. If you want to make a bold and modern statement, pair a white tablecloth with a striped runner like the one below. Because they are going to be such an attention-grabbing statement, make sure they are well-pressed so that they can be perfectly flat and at the center of each table (it sounds really perfectionist, we know, but you’ll thank us when you get the pictures back).

When you are deciding on the width of your table runner, consider the size of your centerpieces. If you have smaller centerpieces and want the table runner to be prominent, choose a table runner that will give you plenty of space to play with (below).

However, if you really want your centerpieces to take center stage, pick a runner that is just slightly wider than your centerpieces. Below, this burlap runner on a bare table is a perfect example of what we mentioned earlier–if you have a beautiful table–don’t cover it up!

If you aren’t using chargers, consider an extra-wide runner with an interesting pattern to add lots of visual interest without a ton of extra cost and design work.  These simple centerpieces are transformed into something more glamorous with this pink and white sequined runner (below).


The last aspect of your linens is your napkins. Use ones that correspond with either your tablecloth or runner. Below, this flax napkin matches the tablecloth and ties together the decor elements. We love the rectangular fold and menu napkin ring.

You can also fold your napkins to allow for a pocket to tuck your place cards into. This all-white scheme above is clean and classic.  Below, the blush napkin below incorporates the Art Deco vibe.  But you don’t need to go origami art with your napkins. A simple roll will do, such as the beautiful pink napkin below.