T-shirt Printing Tips: 5 pro tricks for getting great results


T-shirt designing or T-shirt printing is a highly popular activity these days. In case you are a T-shirt maker or a graphic designer. However, the process is not an easy task one has to consider some important factors to make a perfect design that the people admire and thus make you popular. Here are some of the tips that one can consider for the same.

Take Sufficient Time to Think:

Before planning to design any custom hoodies or custom sweatshirts, stretch your brain as much as possible. Please do a full brainstorming process and think about it repeatedly until you are satisfied with the concept.

Imagine the Printed Design in Your Mind:

Imagine the design in your mind and, if possible, take the proper print out of the design. It will make sure you have made an artwork of actual size.

Details are Important Together with Simplicity:

People admire great drawings and artwork on their T-shirts. But do you know that many famous T-shirts become popular due to their simplicity of design? Anywhere in the middle between complicated and simple is the best option. Thus success lies in these two factors.

Know your Market:

It is important to know whether you are designing doing for boys, girls, men, or women. Different ages have different design choices. Designing a T-shirt for a teenager will be completely different from that of an adult. Make sure that the success of a custom design T-shirt business depends on knowing your target audience. Some important questions are given below that should strike your mind.

  • Who will wear your T-shirt?
  • What are the hobbies and interests of the people who will like your clothes?
  • Which type of social media committee does this person belong to?
  • Whether these people have any willingness to purchase your products and services?

Knowing all the above answers, you may get a fair idea regarding how to perform your task.

Keep Humor but in a Subtle Way:

If you are planning to keep the design that includes humor, make sure that it does not look cheap or a low-cost shirt. It is better to keep the humor subtle. Many people are not fans of such humorous prints of shirt printing.

Choosing the Right Colors:

Choose an effective and glamorous color along with matching complementary color. Color combination is also one of the important factors in the T-shirt designing process.

Considering Special Events:

Event souvenirs T-shirt printing is also one of the great options that can boost your popularity. You can also see many T-shirts present in the market that are promotional in some way or the other. In case you are designing a T-shirt for a company, you can put a logo on the T-shirts in a proper place. All you have to do is make the T-shirt a strong, dominant presence.

Define Quantity and Budget:

It’s normal to get anxious when you have finalized your design. But make sure the budget and the T-shirt quantity is also an essential factor that cannot be left. You should have a clear knowledge of how much you can spend and how much your T-shirts will be needed. The printing method and purchasing additional colors can give an impact on your budget. In case you have a tight budget, it is good to go for conserving colors. Bulk printing is also a good option to save your money but plan the quantity accordingly.

Decide Your Printing Option:

There are plenty of ways to choose to come when it comes to printing methods. Appearance, cost, and production time are important to consider. The more you know the method, the lesser time it will take you to decide which one is best for you. Some of the best options for T-shirt printing are-

Screen Printing: In his method, the printer makes original screens of your design per color, and so you can print them in bulk. This process’s main advantage is this is an affordable way of printing but is the best option for bulk or larger orders. One of the drawbacks of such a process is that design revisions and designs will require a new screen, which is expensive.

Vinyl Graphics: This is also one of the best printing processes that require a heated transfer. The quantity of ink that vinyl printing uses is lesser than other processes. But the major drawback of such kind of printing is that complicated orders with multiple colors will be expensive for you. Thus, this process is generally not recommended for larger or bulk orders.

Some Common Mistakes One Can Do While T-shirt Printing:

We all know that people are picky before they purchase their T-shirts. Designhill also conveys that it is not easy to make people wear a T-shirt with confidence. You may have to know some common mistakes the designers’ do-

Size Factor: Many people tend to buy such T-shirts that are comfortable for them. But as a designer, you should know the shape, space, and the quality of the fabric. You may need a larger area to expose in custom hoodies, while in a simple T-shirt, a simple tagline along the chest is the best.

Placement Of The Design: As a T-shirt maker,it is also an important factor while planning for designing your T-shirt. The bottom line is the size matter. Many people are overweight and many homemakers who have lost their shape, so plan the size accordingly for the best results. On the other hand, you may have to consider the typography and the fonts. They have to look reasonable and must be spaced apart in case you are providing a good message. 

Image Quality: Make sure that the image quality should be excellent. Low-resolution images that do not have enough pixels tend to fail. It is better to choose 200 dpi or higher for this.

The Final Words

Hope now you are well familiar with all the factors before starting a T-shirt printing. Designhill suggests that all the above factors will definitely make your designs popular and successful if taken care of.

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