Strategies for Successful Healthcare SEO and Why You Should Hire a Consultant


The healthcare industry has a lot of moving parts. There are compliance regulations to follow, patient privacy to respect, and a host of other details that make things more complicated than your average business. That’s why so many healthcare businesses hire consultants when they launch new services or products.

However, if you’re thinking about hiring a consultant to handle your SEO strategy, you might be wondering why you can’t just DIY it instead. After all, it’s just marketing, right? WRONG! It’s not that simple.

When it comes to the medical marketing world, things are very different from the standard blue shirt and red logo type of branding we see with most other types of businesses. While hiring a consultant for your healthcare SEO strategy may seem like an unnecessary expense given the low-cost nature of many digital marketing strategies, it could be one of the best investments you ever make in your company.

Why Hiring a Consultant is So Important for Healthcare SEO Strategies

Healthcare marketing is a specialized field. There are special regulations and laws that govern how you can advertise and what you can say. There are also HIPAA rules and regulations that must be followed with any type of patient communication. The best way to learn these rules and regulations is to work with someone who specializes in healthcare marketing. These specialists have experience with the laws and can guide you in the right direction as you launch your marketing campaigns.

With the help of healthcare consulting, they can also help you navigate the complex world of keywords. Choosing the right keywords is critical to getting traffic to your site. However, keyword research is a skill that takes time and experience to master. Your consultant can help you choose the right words and make sure your site is found when people are looking for it.

Healthcare Marketing is Very Different From Normal Advertising

Advertising is one of the main strategies for doing SEO. It’s about getting your name out there so people know about your products and services. The healthcare industry is largely advertising-based. However, there are a few key differences that make things more complicated.

First, you can’t just use any kind of advertising. You need to get approval from your state’s board of health before you can launch any marketing campaigns. Next, you can’t use certain types of marketing, like radio or television ads. These are off-limits because they aren’t direct to your potential customers. Instead, they are an interruption to people’s daily lives. That’s why you can’t use these types of ads for healthcare marketing.

Registered Nurses Are Key to Healthcare SEO Success

Registered nurses (RN) are another type of healthcare professional that is critical to your SEO efforts. These are the people that write the content for your website. The better your content, the easier it is to rank in Google. A good consultant will hire a writer who has experience with your industry. Your website needs to provide information to potential customers and address their concerns. It also needs to be clear and easy to understand. A nurse who specializes in your industry can write the best content.

Patient Privacy and Regulations Are Constantly Changing

Healthcare marketing is heavily regulated. You must follow strict rules when it comes to how you can market your products and services. You also need to be careful with patient privacy. You must protect their information at all times. This means you can’t use Facebook or any other type of social media platform to advertise your services. It also means you can’t use email to communicate with patients. It’s important to keep up with the latest rules and regulations in your industry so you don’t run afoul of the authorities.

Bottom line: Consultants are worth the money.

Healthcare marketing is complicated. It’s an industry that is constantly changing. New regulations are put into place, and old rules are often tossed out the window. This means that having a consultant who can help you navigate these murky waters is critical for success. A good consultant not only knows the rules and regulations. They also know how to put them into practice for your business.