Step-by-Step Guide to Sell Your Old Home Faster

Guide to Sell Your Old Home Faster

Selling a home could be a daunting task, and it gets even more daunting when you are planning to buy a new home at the same time. If you have put your house on sale, no doubt you would want to sell if faster and at the highest possible price. With every passing day, you anxiously wait for the ideal buyer to show up and make the best offer. The decisions you make about your property could save you or cost you – thousands of pounds.

When you put your house on sale, different buyers would come and inspect your property, before they finalise the deal. This is a long process because the buyer is looking for a number of properties and yours is just one among many. Your task here is to grab the attention of the buyer and make your home stand out from the crowd.

So, what can you do to convince a buyer to purchase your home? This guide will help you go through necessary checklist and a bunch of tips that will get your property off the market faster than you can think of.

#1 Estimate the value of your property

First things first, you must evaluate the true value of your property before you put it on sale. Setting up price too high may put you at the risk of losing potential buyers and setting too low, you may end up selling for much less than you deserve. If you are struggling to decide a selling point, you can also get in touch with a real estate agent in your area to help you set a realistic price. A real estate agent will visit your home and check all the works you have done during the time you lived there and estimate how much value it adds to your home.

#2 Prepare your home for sale

When buyers visit your home, they would imagine themselves in your space, but they won’t be able to do so if your home is too messy. Hence, give your home a makeover by cleaning it from top to bottom and get rid of excess stuff that has accumulated in every nook and corner. Make sure you scrub the floor, clean the windows, remove dust from fans and fix damaged faucets. Consider removing big furniture that makes your room look smaller. Making your property neat, tidy and clean will give potential buyers a blank canvas to imagine how they would like to utilise the space.

#3 Get your finances ready for the new home

Since you are planning to sell your home, it must be for a reason. You are either moving to a new home or a new city. In either situation, you will require funds initially to purchase a new home before you sell your existing home. Getting bridging finance UK is one efficient way to get access to the funds you need for a short time. You can utilise this money to purchase your new home while you wait for your current home to get sold. Once your property is sold, you can use that money to pay off your bridging loan.

#4 Keep your kitchen up to date

The kitchen is the most important area in your home, which can make or break your home sale. In fact, kitchens are the primary deciding factor in a homebuyer’s decision. So, if you are planning to get your home off the market faster, it makes sense to plan a few upgrades on your kitchen. Take out bulky appliances, declutter platform, transform paint, fix or update the plumbing and renovate cabinets. Don’t go for a complete makeover because you will not typically see a return on investment. However, refreshing your kitchen will help you sell your property faster.

#5 Offer an irresistible deal

Offering the right deal is one of the key factors that determine how fast your house gets sold. When searching for a home, buyers look for a great deal that makes them feel contented that they are getting the best offer. Hence, research about other properties in your area and set a slightly lower price than others. Another tip is to offer a home warranty, such as replacement services or discounted repair of certain systems and home appliances. A prospective homebuyer may feel more ease buying your home knowing that it is protected. This would make your home deal look more attractive than other homes.

#6 Get rid of the bad smell

Bad odour is that one turn off for the potential buyers. Therefore, don’t just cover them off, but try to eliminate them from the roots. Clean wash basins, bins, allow enough air ventilation, get rid of bad cooking smell and wash any grimy bedsheets. You can also consider spraying some room freshener before the buyer visits your home. On the contrary, good smells make the property feel like a fascinating home. While it may not be practically possible to bake fresh cookies or brownies, brewing some fresh coffee would be a good idea.

#7 Hire a real estate agent

You can certainly sell your home on your own, but if you are tired of finding the right prospects, then you should consider hiring a real estate agent. Don’t settle for the first agent you come across. Get in touch with at least 3 agents to assess your home and ask them to show a sales record of the properties they sold recently. Make sure the broker you choose know how to utilise digital medium to list your property online for more exposure. Remember that the agent will help you go through the entire process, from assessing the value of your home, to coming up with the best price to close the deal faster.


Selling a home is a stressful task, especially when you are on a tight deadline and wish to sell it as soon as possible. Regardless of the reasons, following above-mentioned practices will certainly speed up the process. Plan well, revamp your space, get the documentation right and put the best price tag.