Simple Ways To Protect Your Data By Cell Phone Repair Store


Technology has revolutionized with time. At first, we used computers for personal and professional use, then shifted to laptops and tablets, and now smartphones are used the most for everyday use. We depend on our smartphones so much that we cannot even imagine a life without them. Smartphones have given us a way to communicate without family and friends. You can also stay in contact with people you are doing business with. Smartphones are not only used for personal reasons but also for work, business and communication with clients. We keep our data on our mobile phones. Personal photos, videos, contacts, financial information of ourselves and our clients, medical histories and other sensitive data are stored in our mobile phones and apps, which makes them vulnerable. However, we cannot avoid this vulnerability as it is a norm of the world we live in today. Now the question in people’s minds is how we protect our data daily. Searching about how to protect your data becomes overwhelming because of the tremendous results you see when you google it. Tech Base, a cell phone repair store in Llandudno, tells ways to stay safe online and secure sensitive data by following simple and easy tips to maintain your privacy online. 

What is a Pssword Manager and How to Use it?

Over the decade, we have been listening about password leaks and data breaches that have become common now. Facebook, Yahoo and many more companies have reported data leaks. One of the simplest ways to secure and maintain privacy online is to use the password manager. A password manager is an online service through which you can save your passwords. It helps you generate a strong password for your online app and all the other online accounts. When you choose a personally essential password, it improves security and reduces vulnerability. 

Two-Step Authentication

You might have heard about two-step verification because it has become quite famous for online accounts, banks and social media apps. When you put a password in your account, it sends a code to your mobile number or email so you can put that code in the given bar. You won’t be able to log in to your account until you don’t provide the code that has been shown to you. Two-step authentication provides additional security to your data and is proven useful. 

Don’t Allow App Tracking

You have total control over the apps whether you use iPhone or Android. You can choose not to allow all the apps to track you. When you download any app, it asks you to enable tracking after logging in. If you let them, they use a lot of sensitive information you don’t want to share and share it with companies for advertisement purposes. You can easily turn the tracking off when it asks. If you are an iPhone user, the iPhone apps will ask you permission to track. Click on the “Don’t allow” option so that Apple will implement a barrier between the app and your data. Your app will not be able to collect data for advertising. After downloading the apps, wait till the prompts appear. Go to settings, privacy, and then toggle off the tracking option by clicking on allow apps to track. However, if you are an android user, access your settings, go to privacy, advanced and then delete the advertising ID. 

Change the Router’s Password

Consider your WiFi password a digital door to your house. Just like you try to lock the door at all times, you must also secure the digital doorway to maintain your security. Router’s password and the WiFi password are two different things. According to a mobile repair shop, If you have installed the latest router, you might have an app from where you can change the router’s settings. You can access the setting through a website if you don’t have an app. You can access the website credentials by looking at the back of your router or in the instruction notepad.

Don’t do Shopping and Banking on Public WiFi

Cell phone repair experts in Llandudno say that it is good to know that many businesses outside offer free WiFi for people, but we can never be sure how secure and safe these networks are. If you are an online banker or do online transactions or shopping, you should avoid free WiFi. However, if you have a dire need to use public WiFi, ensure that you are using a VPN to keep your sensitive information safe from anybody using the same WiFi. It will encrypt your data from streaming and adds another layer of protection to it. 

Back your Data up

Cell phone repair stores have told you many times that it is extremely important for you to back up your data. If something accidentally happens to your smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet, you should be able to recover your personal and professional data easily. If you are concerned about the security of your personal and professional data and don’t know what to do, you should consult the experts and professionals from phone repair stores and ask them about the ways through which you can protect your data. 

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