Should You Hire A Social Security Disability Lawyer?


When you are injured in an accident and you have been disabled permanently, then you should talk to a social security disability attorney as soon as possible. These lawyers can help you win social security benefits from the social security administration.

The social security department can provide financial benefits to people who have been disabled permanently because of an accident at a work site or roadside accident. Normally,  you do not require a lawyer to apply for a social security fund, however, having a lawyer can increase your chance of winning. Here is everything you should know about hiring a disability lawyer.

Talk About The Fee In Advance

You should talk to your lawyer about the fees before handing over the case to them. Most lawyers who work for social security disability claims work on a contingency basis. This means that they will get paid only when they win the case. The lawyers’ fee is paid by the social security department from your claim money.

Usually, the fee is 20% of the claim or approximately $6000, depending on whichever is the lowest. However, if your lawyer has not signed a contingency paper with you, they may ask for the fee later on. Therefore, make sure you discuss this matter in advance. 

Help Lawyer Prepare The Case

You should not expect your lawyer to handle everything by themselves. Make yourself available for your lawyer and help them Prepare the case. Your lawyer should know the facts of the case so that they can prepare a better case for you. 

You should share your medical reports, medical expenditure, and other related documents that might help you win the claim case. Your lawyer will ask you about the details, make sure to tell them everything. 

Ensure Open Communication 

If you want to benefit from hiring a lawyer for your social security claim, then you should be open to communication. You should tell your lawyer about the case and how you ended up in the situation that you are in.

This means that you will have to share your traumatic experience with your lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to use your emotions to build a case that will have a better chance of winning. Your lawyer should also communicate openly and freely with you about the case. So that you know how your case is doing so far and what changes you can make in your strategy to ensure winning. 

Fight For Claim

You should not give up if your claim was rejected once. When you were injured in a car accident that led to disability, auto accident attorneys can help you with compensation claims. Moreover, your disability lawyer will help you win the claim only when you are willing to fight for your right. 

You should make sure that you provide all the relevant information that might help you with the case. Make sure that you stand by your lawyer and ask them to fight for the claim that you truly deserve.