Salesforce Community Cloud: Know the Features and Benefits

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Salesforce Community Cloud is a digital experience platform which let the organization of different sizes to build attracting CRM-powered portals, forums, or sites with a quick pace. Community Cloud can help in creating rich, digital spaces for streamlining the key business processes.

There is a Lightning Community Builder to built communities so that the companies can start with out-of-the-box templates, accelerate with an environment of solutions, and will not deploy in a few weeks instead of months.

In this article, we will know about the Salesforce Community Cloud in detail along with its benefits and features.

What is Salesforce Community Cloud:

It is an online social platform that lets companies or small businesses create branded to connect customers, employees, and partners. They will get the records and data they require to accomplish their work efficiently. It can accelerate channel sales, provide stellar service, connect customers, transform the workplace, and build a community of features.

 A few purposes of using a Community Cloud are:

·         Partner Relationship Management: Connect your channel partners to sales force automation and marketing resources to grow and scale your organization.

·         Customer Self-Service: Improve customer service and reduce the no. of cases by giving customers access to the business data, process, content, etc.

·         B2B Commerce: Increase the revenue by using account-specific B2B Commerce sites

·         Custom Solutions: Create custom apps as per the requirements of your business by using Salesforce Community Cloud.

Features of Salesforce Community Cloud:

1.       Create a Community:

a.       Integrating Business:

Infuse the communities with data from any system at any time. They can create support cases and escalate them. The other partners can qualify the lead and update opportunities. Employees will be able to access the files.

b.      Personalization:

The suggestion of connections to the experts, groups, and content. These are based on the interests, behavior, or needs of an individual.

c.       Branding and Customization:

You can customize the community cloud as per your brand image and extend the experience of your online community. Create attractive environments that are an interactive extension of your brand.

d.      Mobile:

Access the community cloud using the Salesforce mobile app on your mobile devices. It comes with a rich, branded, and device-responsive mobile experience.

e.      Impressive Speed:

Create the communities & portals quickly which can easily integrate with Salesforce.

2.       Connect the Customers:

a.       Improves Knowledge:

The customer will be able to resolve their queries on their own. The agents can work smarter, with easily accessible articles, FAQ, and the wisdom of the community.

b.      Escalation of Cases:

Customers can raise cases directly within the community. Those cases will be escalated automatically based on keywords. If any case goes without any answer, then the agents will answer it.

c.       Engagement:

The most active users will be considered for creating a very vibrant community. There will be customizable badges on their profiles. The members can also endorse each other based on their profiles.

d.      E-commerce:

An online seller can integrate his/her e-commerce platform for creating new purchasing opportunities. The customers will be able to discover, research, and buy products all in one branded, mobile, and social environment.

e.      Managing Communities:

There are dashboards in the Community Cloud which can analyze or measure several metrics, such as adoption and engagement, popular groups, etc.

3.       Increase Sales of Partners:

a.       Automation in SalesForce:

3rd party system integration for centralization of pricing, stocks, inventory, etc. Share the contacts, leads, or records with your partners.

b.      Sharing Data:

Connect the partner to product experts, adjust sharing settings. The partners could access only relevant information for moving opportunities.

c.       Dashboard & Reports:

Improves the performance, share customizable dashboards so the partners are on the same page, and easily connect data from any source with Wave Analytics.

d.      Actions:

Leads conversion into opportunities and approving the funds of marketing. Custom design actions for integrating 3rd party apps into core business processes.

4.       Empowering Employees:

a.       Files of Salesforce:

Files will get context with secure, social, and mobile file access embedded into the core processes of the business. Synchronization of files in all devices and accumulating them into one easily accessible solution.

b.      Groups:

Ability to create a group for an upcoming event, team, campaign, or a new project. Sharing of records & files across the organization.

c.       Topics:

Accessing the information based on topics. Collect discussions, files, groups, and experts, into a single page.

d.      Chatter Collaboration:

Employees can work in groups on projects, find subject-matter experts, and get updates.

Features in a nutshell:

Business IntegrationPersonalizationCustomization
Branded CommunityMobile OptimizationEscalation of Cases
Knowledge Base and Q&ASalesForce AutomationPersonal Member Scoring
Data SharingDashboard & ReportsFile Sharing
Community GroupsTopics PagesFeed Actions

Benefits of Using Salesforce Community Cloud:

A few benefits of using the Salesforce Community Cloud are:

·         Community Creation:

Salesforce Community Cloud comes with a very easy-to-use environment so it can act as an interactive extension of your brand. You can customize the solution as per your brand for your customers. Business data integration from any system centralizes customers, workers, and partners, to get their work done.

·         Community Experience:

Suggestions as per the needs, behaviors, and interests of an individual, group, or community. Using the Salesforce mobile app access the community anywhere and anytime. It helps in delivering, device-responsive collaboration at any instant from anywhere.

·         Rich, Self-Service Experience for Customers:

Easily accessible FAQs and articles to help the customers for finding solutions independently and free agents for working on more crucial tasks. Using the Community Cloud, you can get an overview, which of your agents are more active. The agents can also endorse each other based on their expertise and skills. The other features are an escalation of cases, e-commerce, and community engagement.

·         Accelerated Development:

It is possible to build a portal in the quickest timeframe of 30 days. Earlier, the portals between organizations were developed by the coders individually who will require the time to learn the intricacies of each stakeholder for developing the right application using PHP, Java, or. NET. There are multi-corporate portal technologies in the Salesforce Cloud Platform.

·         Affordable, and Predictable Pricing:

You will get a lot of value from the Community Cloud for developing a custom application that is maintained and improved over time using your internal resources. The custom in-house solutions also increase the cost to integrate with CRM. The ongoing support of a SaaS-based Community Cloud will require fewer resources and can be managed by a Salesforce administrator.

·         Integration Friendly:

You can easily integrate the Salesforce Community Cloud into your existing system or build a custom API to another backend system to connect data in disparate systems. The users would be able to access the data in real-time.

·         Differentiate your business, products, & services:

Streamlining the process of stakeholders of doing businesses. It will help them in differentiating themselves in a competitive environment. Use technology to your advantage by creating a delightful experience that facilitates the success of all parties involved.

Wrapping Up:

In this article, we have gone through several benefits, features, and other details of the Salesforce Community Cloud. It gives you the ability to connect your customers, agents for a better service.

It streamlines business operations as well. For implementing, Salesforce Community Cloud in your existing CRM, we can help you in every possible manner.

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