Reseller Hosting: An Additional Way of Earning for Web Developers

Reseller Hosting
Reseller Hosting: An Additional Way of Earning for Web Developers

As a business owner, you always search out for ways to diversify your income. Being a web developer is no different. As a web developer, you are already taking responsibility for creating and maintaining client’s websites. So, if you want to become a one-stop solution for your audience’s internet services, then adding web hosting to your development business would be helpful to you.

Overview of Reseller hosting

As a reseller for hosting, you will have to purchase the hosting package from an established and well-known hosting provider. You then have the liberty to divide these resources into small packages that can easily be affordable by your audience. As per your client base, you can create such packages and sell them under your brand name to make a profit.

Adding web hosting will broaden your horizon and will allow you to earn more profits henceforth. In today’s era, it is difficult to find any business that doesn’t need a website. And if you already have a customer base for website development then they will eventually end up buying web hosting.  So, it is your chance to make the most of this opportunity and maximize revenue without adding any expenses for acquiring new customers.

Reseller hosting helps you in building a long-term relationship with your existing customers. It also gives flexibility to your customers to transform from one plan to another, so that the customer doesn’t leave you.

How web developers can make additional earning from Reseller Hosting?

Now you know the meaning of reseller hosting. Let’s proceed to find out how to make money from it.

1) Choose a trusted web hosting provider

Once you decide to start a web hosting business, first you will have to fix a cheap reseller hosting provider as per the requirements. The hosting provider plays important role in your hosting business, as they are the backbone of the business. Make sure the provider offers 100% white label and 24/7 support with at least 99.9% uptime.

2) Select your niche

Starting a web hosting business doesn’t mean you need to compete directly with the big shots of the industry. Instead of targeting big hosting providers, for deciding your price range, consider small companies. These big hosting providers have highly competitive prices as they already have a huge customer base and also have funds to target a large and diverse audience.

Thus, you will need to target a specific audience and create services, features, and marketing tactics accordingly. This is your potential audience and you need to keep your margins intact. This means you don’t need to compete with large hosting companies and structure prices with lower margins.

3) Position in the market

Once you have found your niche, find out what your audience wants from the hosting provider. You can study other small hosting providers already present in the market and their offerings to know what is in demand in the market. Try to find and understand at least 5 competitors, to examine their products, features, and services.

Remember these are your direct competitors. So to stand tall from the crowd, you can offer budget-friendly plans or club some features with some plans. Try to display yourself as a premium option to your audience. For that, you can add more resources, services, unique features, and even a high standard of customer support.

4) Create your brand

Your brand should reflect among your audience, and this is when you will need 100% white label service from your hosting provider. Under the white label technique, you can sell hosting resources solely with your brand names, so that people will think you are the first owner of hosting services. This increases the trust between your audience and company.

The white label option also includes the customization of customer’s cPanel accounts, so that you can create your nameserver and billing software. These features help in building a strong brand identity.

5) Connect with ideal customers

You can connect with your past customers for whom you have already developed a website and now providing them after-sales support. Also, find out clients that want whole internet services from you. For such clients the best support and service matters that’s all. They don’t care from where the hosting is purchased and who is handling it. For them their online business running peacefully matters above all. In such cases, you can be their savior and provide every service under one roof. This will help in building customer loyalty and also provide 100% customer satisfaction.

6) Monitor your performance

With the help of some tools and analytics, you can monitor the business performance. This will help you understand how you started and where you heading.  A time to time monitoring process will help you get an insight into your plans and also lets you know if any modification needs to be done.


Starting a full-fledged web hosting business from reseller hosting is very easy. Many people have become successful hosting providers with their reseller business. You can add up it as an extra earning or do it for a full-time, the profit is guaranteed.