Possible Reasons to Switch Your Company to the Hybrid Cloud


The hybrid cloud is one of the best ways to store all of your company’s information. However, many businesses don’t understand the reasons to switch your company to the hybrid cloud. Switching your company to the hybrid cloud is beneficial at any point in your company’s lifespan, but here are a few of the reasons you might really want to look into hybrid cloud architecture.

1. You’re Expecting to Expand Your Business

If you’re hoping to expand your business sometime soon, you might want to start looking into hybrid cloud services. Expanding your business inherently means expanding your storage needs, and the expansion process for on-site storage can be expensive and very intrusive. Expanding storage for your off-site storage can be as easy as a few clicks.

2. You’re Currently Only Using On-Site Cloud Services

Any company that’s only using on-site cloud services may be spending too much for their actual needs. Sure, there are a number of cloud services that will work best on-site. However, many of your company’s files will probably be best on an off-site cloud, which will make it less expensive and less difficult to manage your storage.

3. You’re Spending Too Much on Storage Services

If you’re currently spending a lot on storage services, but you’re not using a hybrid cloud architecture, chances are that you’re not actually using your storage in the best way possible. Storage options for private cloud services are typically significantly more expensive than options for public cloud services, so if you move some of the storage to a public cloud, it might be less expensive.

4. You Need Some Documents to Be Easily Accessible

Because public off-site cloud storage is typically less expensive, you might wonder whether it’s a good idea to move your storage exclusively to an off-site service. However, as a matter of fact, having some of your storage on-site could be an extremely helpful way to access some documents. Certain documents require the ease of access that an on-site storage system can provide, so a hybrid option can combine both on-site and off-site simplicity.

5. You Want to Share Data With Clients and Off-Site Employees

If you want to be able to share data with your clients and employees that are currently working off-site, you’ll need a way to upload that data to an online service, then send the upload link to the people who need it. When you already have a hybrid cloud setup, that means there’s a built-in way for you to upload data and send it more easily to the people who need access.

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Switching your company to the hybrid cloud could be the right option for a company that’s dealing with a variety of storage needs. Whether you currently have an entirely on-site storage system or an entirely off-site storage system, you can combine these into a hybrid cloud. For most companies, a hybrid cloud setup is a great way to make the most of all your storage options.