PC Builder.net Suggested Hardware Components for Gaming PC

PC Builder.net Suggested Hardware Components for Gaming PC

Components in a gaming PC include the processor, graphics card, RAM, motherboard, and hard drive (SSD), all of which are available on PCBuilder, with easy installation. You can assemble it yourself through videos from gamers or manuals on leading technology websites.

Note, when you refer to the above information, make sure that you are viewing or reading the latest content, at least within the last three years, as hardware and peripherals are constantly being improved according to the latest technology. 

CPU / Processor:-

When it comes to CPU, there are many parameters involved such as clock speed then number of cores or threads. If the CPU has a higher clock speed, then the processor can perform many, many calculations in the same amount of time.

You should choose multi-core type to help increase the ability to perform many tasks at the same time. Currently, all types of CPUs available on the market are equipped with multiple cores along with processing threads. The fact that the CPU has more cores will contribute to the ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time. And this can help you both play games, stream games and record the whole process at the same time. Refer to our gaming PC build guide to make the right choice.


When choosing a motherboard, it needs to be done at the same time as the processor.  It is necessary to ensure the compatibility of these two components. The best way, use the Intel Desktop Compatibility Tool to check the compatibility of the motherboard with the computer using the Intel chip. This way, it’s also easy to find the right Intel processor for your motherboard.

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Hard Drive: SSD/HDD

For gamers, using SSD is still the most reasonable to have a fast starting machine, quick load game and never headache because of the slowness of HDD.

But will have a headache for money bags. A 120-128GB SSD will not be enough if you play many games. Lift up 240-256GB, double price. You should care when searching for storage devices for your gaming PC with some terms that make it easier to find information.

  • HDD is often referred to as a hard drive, with a common size of 3.5 inches for desktop computers and 2.5 inches for laptops. HDD uses a mechanical, magnetic mechanism to store, has a drive, a rotating shaft. HDD has low cost and large capacity, but read / write speed is slower than other types of hard drive.
  • The obvious strength of SSD compared to HDD is its superior read / write speed, not fragile like HDD, but the price is too high. A 120GB SSD costs the same as a 1TB HDD
  • Using technology and memory chips like SSD, but instead of connecting to the mainboard via power and data wires, M.2 is attached to its dedicated PCIe port. The advantage compared to SSD is that M.2 is much faster and takes less space and wires.PC Builder.net Suggested Hardware
  • Components for Gaming PC

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The main thing to keep in mind when picking a case is where you’re going to put the computer. Your PC’s final location will dictate how big you can (or cannot) go, and it will also help determine whether various premium case features are worth splurging on. You probably don’t want to pay for a tempered glass side panel if the computer will be hidden under your desk, for example.