New Sources of Energy for a Better World

Renewable Energy

You have probably seen the news lately and heard about the renewed concerns of global warming. Most scientists believe that if we don’t make lasting changes, the earth will soon rise to dangerous levels for human life.  Indeed, the US Congress is currently locked in a debate over the issue, trying to decide how much intervention that the government can effectively take to change this possible outcome.

Renewable energy is at the center of the debate. This article will explain everything you need about renewable electricity and different energy plans. It also outlines the main benefits and easy ways to conserve natural gas and electricity at home, whether you live in Maine or Texas, this is information you can use.

 What is renewable energy? 

Renewable Energy is energy that is derived from renewable resources. It is also known as clean energy. There are three types of renewable energy available: hydro power, wind power and solar power. Each of these sources of renewable energy has its own advantages and shortcomings. These resources are continually replenished. Clean energy is more eco-friendly than fossil fuels like coal and gas. It doesn’t pollute water or air, so it’s a sustainable way to generate electricity.

Renewable energy is more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. It does not emit any pollutants into the atmosphere, which means it is less harmful to our environment.It will last forever because renewable energy is exactly that: renewable. We will never run out, unlike oil and coal, of wind, sun, and flowing water. It is infinite, so we can still get electricity in the future.

Some of the advantages of switching to renewable sources of electrical generation:

  • Better public health: Fossil fuels can cause respiratory problems and neurological damage, as well as cause cancer. Public health will improve if we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and increase our reliance on renewable energy. It will not only improve the health and well-being of the planet but also your own health and that of your family members.
  • Renewable energy is more productive for the economy. The more we use renewable energy, the more jobs that will result. The growth of renewable energy can have many positive ripple effects. The potential for lower energy bills and higher wages will both benefit the workers. This will encourage them to spend more and boost the economy.
  • Long-term, petrochemicals will be less expensive. Using petrochemicals as fuels is highly inefficient.  Burning them up as fossil fuels means that they will become more scarce and their prices will rise. As the daily world invests more in renewable energy, however, prices will continue to drop.  There is no substitute for petrochemicals in our modern world.  In reality, they are just to valuable to waste as a source of energy, when there are so many better alternatives.  

 Tips for energy conservation 

It’s not possible for everyone to afford solar panels or wind turbines. There are simple ways to lower your electricity bills and conserve energy.

  • A smart meter is a great investment. It will tell you how much electricity your home uses and will adjust your heating/cooling system to save as much as possible. You will be able to see where you are using too much energy, so you have the power to reduce your electricity consumption.
  • Reduce heating usage: If your winter bills are skyrocketing because of heating, you can reduce your heating consumption by setting a timer to turn it off when it is needed. It is possible to save money by setting your thermostat a little lower during winter.
  • Electrical items should be turned off when you are done with the room. This could save you as much as $100 per year. To save more energy, make sure to turn off all electrical appliances that are currently on standby.


You can select your utility provider when you live in an unregulated state such as Texas or New York. This power to choose your utility provider is not something to be considered lightly. Selecting a service that provides the most affordable rate and a plan that is compatible with your needs for energy will help you save significant dollars each month, while reducing your expenses and adding money to your annual budget.


The world is warming up and renewable energy is what we need to save the planet and provide enough electricity for it.