Multi-head Weigher and Packaging Machine Manufacturers


Kenwei is a leading manufacturer of multi-head weighers and strives to provide customers with high-quality automated packaging machines. Packaging and weigher machines manufactured by this experienced company include the latest techniques and materials so that customers can trust them blindly.

Nowadays, the world runs on the latest technology, which brings countless advantages in many fields of life. There is no competitor of Kenwei company when it comes to producing automatic weighing and packaging machines.

Furthermore, all productions come with high-quality standard material with many extra comforts. Additionally, the company employs a specific set of programs that can easily meet the needs of every client.

By providing beneficial standard products in an affordable price range, we aim to win the trust of our customers. Understand this topic thoroughly to understand the company’s productions better.

The Multi-head Weigher Company

Based on standardization, Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co., LTD is a well-known manufacturing company. Therefore, customers would be able to take advantage of kenwei’s products to benefit from all of its features.

Furthermore, it provides individual guides for each of its items and different field products. In the manufacturing of products, valuable material is utilized.

Additionally, we strive to provide exclusive weighing products by using advanced technologies. The kenwei company sells a huge selection of different field products with a two-year warranty.


There is a wide variety of products available to customers in the food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, hardware, and other fields. Additionally, we offer a range of products that can meet the demands of individual customers. 

  • Counting weigher
  • Scale for weighing frozen food
  • Weighing machine, mini
  • Weighing noodles
  • Controlling the weigher by feeding it
  • Weigher with screw feed
  • Weighing scale for salads
  • Detector of metals
  • Tool
  • A machine that counts electronically
  • Printing device
  • Organizer
  • Anchovy fish weigher

From this leading packaging machine manufacturer, you can choose from over thirty different models of machines of multi-head weighers.

Advantages of Kenwei

Kenwei companies have established a high level of production based on their production of different weights. Moreover, this company has been in business for about ten years, which proves its stability and standard.

Using its advanced products will allow customers to take advantage of various benefits of the company.

Modalities for combining

Provides modularization and digitization, multiple and single outlet discharges, fast speed, and high precision.

Include Customization

Each of the products offered by the company can be customized to meet the customer’s specific needs. This article describes many different types of weighers, such as hardware, mini, meet, etc.

Fast Service

Kenwei Company provides its customers with quick services within 24 hours if they encounter difficulties. The company offers different programs to assist customers in different ways.

High accuracy and stability

To ensure the long-term stability of products with the high accuracy program, the company follows the principle of fixed timelines and development mode.


Weighers and packaging machines manufactured by Kenwei Company are discussed in this article. A world leader in weighing technology, the company provides countless benefits to its customers. All aspects of the company were discussed in this article about multi-head weighers. For more you can visit: