Apple MacBook Air M2 Review

MacBook Air M2 Review

Apple’s beloved MacBook Air has been give its most significant overhaul since it was launched in 2008. It has been stripped of its traditional wedge shape and making it smaller and larger in size. It will also have a larger screen, and more powerful than ever in 2022.

The new laptop builds on internal tweaks made by the M1 model, which was a game changer in 2020 and features Apple’s new-generation M2 chip , which is housed in a more sleek aluminum body that is flat.

However it also incurs the PS250 price hike, which makes the basic model priced at priced at PS1,249 ($1,199/A$1,899).

The frame’s exterior has been redesigned to adopt the sleek, retro design of the 14-inch MacBook Pro from last year. It has no tapering, but flat bottom and top with smooth sides. The M2 Air is 4.8mm thinner fifty grams lighter and 20% smaller in volume than the previous model, which makes it thinner than the bulky Pro.

Despite its small frame The laptop is amazingly solid without flexing the deck, and a sturdy lid. Unlock the lid and you’ll see the larger 13.6in screen that is 25 percent larger and is just as bright and stunning, while also providing some extra space to work on in comparison to the 13.3in size that it replaced.

There is a small notch at high on the display which as with that of the MacBook Pro, houses an upgraded 1080p webcam. This is an upgrade that is well overdue for us who are tied online meetings. The Air comes with four speakers within its deck, which are decent for a laptop , and can project an adequate amount of sound.


  • Screen Size: 13.6in Display (2560×1600; 234 per cent) True Tone
  • Processor Apple M2 equipped with 8 or 10 core GPU
  • RAM 8GB, 16GB or 24GB
  • Storage 2TB, 256GB 1TB and 2TB SSD
  • Operating system: macOS 12 Monterey
  • Camera High Definition FaceTime 1080p
  • Connectivity: wifi 6, Bluetooth 5, 2x USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, headphones
  • Dimensions 215x 304.1 x 11.3mm
  • Weight: 1.24kg

M2 speed and extremely long battery life

Its 2022 MacBook Air is among the first computers to be equipped with Apple’s M2 chip of the next generation. It’s an incremental improvement from the one-in-a-generation leap achieved with M1 in 2020. M1 in 2020. However, it’s still 18% more efficient, and 35 percent more graphic power.

The M2 is MacBook Air a rapid, extremely capable machine that can be able to handle every general computing needs and even bursts of more challenging tasks. It’s a fan-less machine, which makes it silent during use. The laptop was cool during three hours of extremely demanding photo manipulation tasks using huge image files, while connected to a separate display with 4K resolution. If your work requires a lot of computation I’d guess that to find the Air to be able to handle all tasks, regardless of the absence of a cooling fan.

The battery’s life is top-of-the-line, with a frequency of working for more than 16 hours between charges, with numerous hours of photo editing using Affinity Photo. The program has 20 or more tabs open in Chrome for the majority of the time, and making use of Apple Mail, Typora, Evernote and a myriad of chat programs and smaller tools. It’s not necessary carry the charger with you to the classroom or to work.

It took about two hours and fifteen minutes to fully recharge the Air with the 35W power source and MagSafe cable. It was able to reach 50% in less than an hour. It is able to charge quickly to 50% using an adaptor that is rated at 67W or higher If you own one.


MacBook Air MacBook Air is made with recycled materials, including aluminium steel and tin. It also contains rare earth elements, and plastic. Apple examines the laptop’s environmental impact in its review.

It is typically repairable and the battery is repaired with PS129 through Apple. Apple provides trade-in and recycling programs that are free that include non-Apple products.

MacOS 12.5 Monterey

MacBook Air MacBook Air runs the same version of macOS Monterey as the MacBook Pro from last year. It’s generally a great system with high-reliability and minimal maintenance.

Since last year’s release, Apple has added the Universal Control feature that allows the trackpad and keyboard of the Mac to operate other Apple devices. This feature is especially handy when used on an iPad but can be not reliable in intermittent wireless conditions.


The Apple MacBook Air costs PS1,249 ( $1,199(or $1,899 in Australian dollars) that comes with 8 cores of GPU 8GB of RAM and an 256GB capacity of storage. The memory or storage capacity doubled cost PS200 ($200/A$300) and $300, respectively.

The model with a 10 core GPU with 8GB of RAM as well as the storage capacity of 512GB costs just PS1,549 ($1,499/A$2,349) and includes a dual-port USB-C 35W charger or an adapter for power of 67W.

To compare For comparison, for comparison, the M1 MacBook Air costs PS999 and the M2 MacBook Pro starts at PS1,349 14, 14in MacBook Pro starts at PS1,899 and the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 starts at PS999 while Dell XPS starts at PS949. Dell XPS starts at PS949.


The MacBook Air has been given an overhaul that is modern and looks more appealing than ever from the exterior.

The Air was the first laptop to be introduced into the slim and lightweight laptop category in 2008 and the Air has been the best portable. The bigger 13.6in monitor makes a significant difference in the way you work as the slimmer and lighter body makes it simpler than ever before to pack into bags. Its return to the MagSafe charging cable lets you use the USB-C port to accommodate more peripherals too.

With a battery life that is class-leading that lasts for about 16 hours, the speedy efficiency of M2 processor and the best laptop keyboard and trackpad you’ve got the top consumer laptop that is available.

The only issue on its way is the increase in price up to PS1,249 or higher that is what makes more expensive the M1 MacBook Air that is currently on sale for PS999 surely more valuable.


extremely fast M2 chipset quiet and cool running exceptionally lengthy battery lifespan, fantastic 13.6in screen, excellent keyboard, top-of-the-line trackpad MagSafe, excellent microphones, great speakers and webcams, lots of recycled materials and Touch ID.


expensive, only two USB-C ports with the absence of a USB-A or SD slot. It can only drive one external display, but no centre Stage cameras as well as Face ID.