Lesser Known Facts About Laser Engraving

laser engraving

We all love customization.

We all want personalized products with a custom design on them. Have you ever thought about how it works? It is done with the help of laser engraving. It is a technique that doesn’t require ink, pigments, and paint but still engraves the lines and designs on products. The heat-generating properties of lasers are used here. We don’t see how regularly we use but a huge number of daily life products such as cute key chains, fashionable clothes, attractive jewellery use laser engraving. The industry is growing very rapidly and people are using it more frequently. Also, with the rise of technology and the industry people are getting more curious about it. If you are among them then this blog will be very helpful to you. The benefits of using laser engraving are many. Also, there are many fun facts that we don’t know about it. Take a look at them below-

1. The Fastest Engraving Method

Out of many, laser engraving technology is the fastest. It is simple and does the work with a lot of speed. This helps to engrave objects precisely and quickly.

2. Works On A Fraction Of A Millimeter

Laser engraving uses the optical system which enables it to focus on even the most minute things. So, if you are looking for highly intricate designs, then choose it.

3. Don’t Produce Heat

Laser engraving doesn’t produce the heat of its own, it heats the surface on which it works

4. High Flexibility

You can enjoy working with this technology on both stationary and moving objects.

5. Highly Versatile

It works on wood, plastics, alloys, and most metals. The high-intensity lasers create an object’s surface. Hence, it produces heat on the object that melts it. The amount of heat required on a particular object varies as per their properties.