Jobs in St. Henry Ohio

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cooper Farms is looking to grow its business by expanding the family. Interested parties should look out for Production Jobs in St. Henry, Ohio. There are a whole number of available positions in areas such as production, accounting, driving, and animal handling.

Cooper Farms began small, as a turkey business with only the family being involved. It grew to be thriving organization farming turkeys, hogs, and chickens – and producing meat, which is processed on-site, and chicken and turkey eggs from the hatcheries. As the business grows, so does the number of employees and positions that continue to open up. It does not matter how much the staff increases the Coopers maintain an interest in every employee and Cooper Farms retains the spirit of a small, family-owned business.

When Cooper Farms is Hiring in St. Henry, Ohio, all applicants will find that the emphasis is on them. If applicants do not find the job they are interested in, or that suits them and their expertise, the recruiting team will assist in trying to find a fit with the company.

The whole point of the recruitment process is to find the best people for the jobs. The net is cast wide, open interviews are held and bonuses are offered to encourage prospective employees.

Anyone who is interested in applying for Jobs in St. Henry, Ohio should know that they will “build lasting relationships”, because they will be “treated like family”

Cooper Farms is interested in what their employees have to say and encourages them to “share any ideas for improving the business with management:

A scheme of incentives and rewards means that employees “receive a gain sharing check every month.”

Prospective employees who feel they are not qualified for a particular position, or do not have the relevant experience, should not be discouraged from applying. Cooper Farms offers all the necessary training.

For all present and future employees, this is not just about work, but about becoming part of the family.


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