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Apple released iPhone 14 series last week, and people are buying it rapidly. People who bought iPhone 14 are facing issues with the new iPhone 14 series in the form of bugs and glitches. Users have also reported this issue to Apple through social media, influencing their brand-new iPhone, especially 14 pro and 14 pro max. These issues are not major but related to software, camera, or third-party apps. Mobile Solutions, a cell phone repair store in Pensacola, has listed all the latest bugs plaguing iPhone 14 pro and its fixes suggested by apple. 

iPhone 14 freezing while transfer of data

When you purchase iPhone 14, the first part is to set it up and data transfer. Many people cannot move past that and are stuck in the initial stage. The phase of transferring data is bothering people because their iPhone is freezing or becoming unresponsive during data transfer. Individuals have reported a glitch that is not allowing them to move forward from an iCloud restore option when they transfer the data to another phone. Apple has recognized the issue and investigating it. Until then, Apple and the cell phone repair shops have suggested that users force-start their iPhones if they face unresponsiveness for 5 minutes or more. 

Rattling and Shaking of Camera

A strange issue about the camera’s shaking, vibrating, and rattling has come to light. After the release of the iPhone 14, users who bought the phone experienced the rear camera bottom lens shaking uncontrollably when they opened them on third-party apps like Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and Whatsapp, which made the video shaky and the sound rattling. It might be because the high-resolution iPhone is unsuitable for social media apps.  The iPhone 14 has a new feature that is a second-generation sensor shift for photo stabilization. It minimizes the shakes, so it might be possible that this stabilizer could act strangely for unknown reasons, but this is just a guess. Not all users are facing this problem, but some users are definitely. Apple has identified this issue and is going to provide the fix soon. Until then, the cell phone repair store in Pensacola, along with apple, suggested the users update their phones to the new iOS update. It will probably resolve the issue. 

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iMessage and Facetime issue

After setting up iPhone 14 pro and pro max, some users are not getting messages and facetime calls. This serious issue has been pointed out b the users and recognized by Apple, which suggests that users update their iPhones to the latest iOS 16. The users regarding iMessage and Facetime face several issues.

  • You are not receiving iMessages and calls on Facetime.
  • When you send a message to any other iPhone, you see a green bubble rather than the blue one.
  • Instead of being one thread, two threads are shown during any conversation.
  • You send a message through your number, but receivers see your email while receiving the message.   

When you face certain issues, the cell phone repair store advises you to update to iOS 16, the latest update a few days back. New updates have fixes for all the bugs to solve the problem. However, there are some more steps that you can follow if you are still facing the problem. These fixes are:

  • Go to settings, tap the messages option, and send and receive.
  • Select the phone number you want to be in messages. 
  • Go back to settings again and select facetime.
  • Select the phone number you want in facetime.

Copy-paste bug in iOS

There is a problem people are facing related to the iOS copy-paste bug. However, the older phones are running the iOS 16 updates. People complain about many pop-up alerts when they copy and paste the content from one app to other on iPhones. 

AirDrop not working

iPhone users must be familiar with the airdrop feature and how important and useful this feature is while transferring files and photos to another iPhone. Many complain that their airdrop features are not working properly on iPhone 14 models. When they try to transfer any file to another iPhone, “waiting” appears on their screens, unfortunately. This issue has only been reported in iPhone 14. Updating the new version of iOS 16 would mainly help deal with this problem.  

Battery Drain

Some users are complaining about excessive battery drain in iPhones 14. To answer their complaints, cell phone repair stores say that when you set up a new iPhone, it’s normal to take battery drain while setting up. One should wait a few more days to see if the issue persists or not when your phone is fully set. A few users also report battery drain after updating their iPhones to iOS 16.

The bottom line is technology, no matter how evolved it is, still faces certain issues, and the same is true with brand-new iPhones. However, apple company is looking into many issues and going to be releasing the fixes real soon. If you are facing problems and don’t know what to do, contact any professional technician in a cell phone repair store if you live in Pensacola. They will help and guide you regarding that particular problem. 

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