How you can surprise by using concentrate packaging

concentrate packaging

The customers in this modern era have more power than ever before because they have plenty of options to choose from. A little bit of dissatisfaction with a brand is enough reason for them to switch to another option. Considering the environment of the ultra-competitive market, something extra is needed other than product quality to retain the customers’ interest. Ensuring the provision of little surprises to the clients can keep them engaged with your cannabis brand. Concentrate packaging is a fine platform to create customer amazement. If you lack inspiration, you might want to go through the list of our expert ideas that ensure the bewilderment of customers.  

Stylish internal appearance:

A dull and boring packaging design is what every customer is anticipating in the market. The lack of packaging design diversity in the market is the sole reason for building such an expectation. Be a little more thoughtful with your concentrate packaging design to amaze the clients in the very first instance. It can be achieved by coloring the interior of the packaging with amazing black and white patterns. They give a feeling of luxury, and when combined with some colorful tissue papers inside, the boxes look more creative. Go for adding on some gloss laminations inside for an instant sheen to stun the buyers even more.  

Sneak in small astonishments:

Of course, the loyalty of your client base is enhanced even more when you manage to give them some good surprises. The best stratagem to do this is by adding little surprising elements inside the custom concentrate boxes. Make sure the elements are related to the cannabis product and complement the experience you want to create. As an example, you can add a free concentrate dab tool that enables buyers to consume marijuana concentrates easily. Just like that, think of some innovative ways that attract shoppers and keep them engaged. 

Tell a convincing story:

Apparently, the idea of adding a compelling brand story in the packaging design may seem a cliché. But, it surely promises far better results in terms of amazing the clients and developing a strong relationship with them. Take an example of the resurgence of Coke’s “share a coke” campaign in their bottle design. This campaign is all about portraying that Coca-Cola is not just a drink but a way of life. Take inspiration from this brand and tell a surprising brand story through your custom concentrate boxes. You do not always have to play with words, as some graphics can elicit an emotional response as well and take the buyers with a surprise. 

Use reversible box:

Reversible concentrate packages have designs on the inside. They can be turned inside-out and reused for meeting various storage and packaging needs. Use these boxes to amaze the clients about how committed you are to reducing the packaging waste in the atmosphere. Or score them innovatively so that they can be useful to the clients for wrapping their gift items. Such packaging designs are unanticipated and therefore play a convincing role in surprising the clients. 

Aim to over-deliver:

Over-delivering simply means providing an unexpected value to your client base without charging any penny extra. This is a fine way to convince the target audience to become loyal to your brand. Over-deliver with your concentrate packages by adding tactile impacts to them. Coat them with special finished such as velvet and soft-touch or go on to emboss the printed visual elements. This improved texture introduces a unique “wow” effect that can elevate the customers’ experience by surprising them instantaneously. 

Taking the customers by surprise with your wholesale boxes is essential if you want to grab their undivided attention. Little customizations and personal touches go a long way in creating mesmerizing impressions that matter to influence the target audience. Adding some kind of rewards inside and a colorful box appearance are two fine ways for a positive customer experience