How to make money Online with webcam sites ?

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The sight of Adults needing cash is not a new thing; the more surprising thing is that people would engage in sordid acts like drug pushing, adult work, or other crimes. It is now easy for anyone to earn money online; you only need a basic knowledge of the workings of the internet.

These days, people don’t have to leave their homes to make money; they can make a whole lot of cash by just sitting in front of a camera (attached to a laptop); most of these people are webcam models. 

A webcam model is someone who performs over a live broadcast to a single person or group of persons who are willing to pay for their time. Often, clients have different requests and approach to their cam models, and the ‘weirder’ the act, the bigger the tip.

While trying to investigate how much webcam models earn, I had the privilege to interview Celina, a webcam model on

Celina is a webcam model for one of the popular dating sites. Here was how our chat went in the ;

Hi Celina, can you tell us how you become a webcam model?

Celina: I was always into fashion and trends; I started a clothesline, it was not much, and I wanted to raise more money to improve my business ad get more customers. Then I had a fashion blog, where I would update my audience on styles and trends, but even this wasn’t enough. I heard of webcam modeling, I recall the article was about a website called loveroulette,  in one of my online research for fashion trends. After reading about this, I decided it was something I could also do to boost my fashion trends.

Apart from the money that comes from doing it, tell us some other reasons we can get cam modeling has…

Celina: well (gives a little cry), I also promote my business using cam modeling; anytime I put on a show, I make sure to wear the best lingerie, or turban or bikini, or whatever from my stores. These things matter because, in the end, I have customers asking me about my fashion sense. I also get the chance to promote my fashion blog.

…Are there more goodies that come with it?

Celina: It also comes with the joy of becoming a model (although I didn’t think I could do it initially. There is also the fact that I can also choose whenever I want to work, I don’t have to call my boss or something (she loves her freedom).

So please tell us; how it was before you started making money as a webcam model?

Celina: Well, it is always tough at the beginning, but I think I was a bit lucky. On my first appearance on Omeglepervy, for example, I made no money, I had just set up my account, and I was hoping for something to happen, but it never did. It wasn’t until like the third day when I was about closing my laptop after another 2 hours of futility on the website before I got a beep (notification), a ‘hopeful’ middle-aged man was staring from the other side of the cam (she smiled).

How much do you make, and what do you think improves the amount a person can make on these sites…

Celina: Making a lot of money as a webcam model depends on how better you can entertain your audience (she blushes), the more fascinating/weird your audience finds you, the higher the tip you get.

Also, you should choose a site that is more suited to what you are offering. There are already sites that stream porn for free, and such sites will pay you less for just ‘being a model.’

You should also check their payment plans and packages; the percentage they take from your earnings and stuffs like that. Importantly, you should be familiar with their rules and policies to avoid restrictions on your account.

…What kind of ‘tippers’ do you get on your webcam channel? And what would you advise upcoming models?

Celina: (smiling now) Sometimes, I get a person (the exclusive plans) who only wants to talk and have the girlfriend experience. Other times, I get people who want me to do things just short of stripping, nude dancing, and sex talk. In the end, I can make about $10 every minute just ‘staring’ at my audience through the webcam.

Other tips I try to give upcoming webcam models is just to be yourself; be you, do not fake who you are not. Most people who watch you mostly want the ‘YOU’ experience. 

Also, I advise people to use brighter areas when choosing a location to model; this is one of the biggest complaints customers have.

What do you think makes you stand-out from other webcam models to your audience; tell us why they want to see you.

Celina: I think my good communication skill comes as a plus for me; my audience is always complimenting me on my voice, my accent, smiles, eye colors, and things like that. I think a cam model should know how to speak and sway their clients.

How much do you make per session or month?

Celina: (thinks for a while) …Well, my take-home sort of fluctuates; I could earn anywhere between $3 000 and $10 000 a month depending on how many hours I work and how generous my audience is. There are sessions I have made close to $4000, though I had a generous tipper (it was a valentine.)

 Just one last question before you go, do you have any regrets on the journey whatsoever?

Celine: (smiling broadly) No, none whatsoever, I mean; my fashion business is growing, I just employed a stylist, I am also getting a lot of following on my broadcast channel, and my fashion. Lastly, I think I’m finally enjoying doing something, being a model.

Well, the experience is a great one for Celina; she also firmly believes that almost anyone can become a webcam model if they ever choose to.