How to invest in International Stock Markets from India


India had the most significant returns out of all 40 of the top stock markets in the world from 2003 to 2018, thus, Indian investors had excellent reason to avoid international equities until relatively recently. Access to overseas markets hasn’t always been straightforward or affordable, discouraging their interest. But things are changing. While Indian investors started exhibiting interest in new, easier ways to diversify internationally during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as exchange-traded funds and mutual funds, global markets discovered new champions in sectors without near Indian analogues.

Indians practice more home bias, which prevents them from taking advantage of the benefits of diversification and more substantial returns from a combined portfolio of US stocks. The dispersion of AUM all across the Indian mutual fund sector lends credence to the idea that domestic investing has comprised nearly all of the investments made by Indians. India requires mutual funds to give a benchmark, or a combination of standards, against which the performance can be assessed. 

When trading or investing in US stocks, the broker app that is used can serve as a partner in the investment process by offering a seamless transaction and convenience in addition to the necessary alerts. In recent years, the terms “comfort” and “convenience” have come to mean mobile applications. People from all walks of life are becoming investors more frequently since they took over the realm of personal finance. Are you trying to figure out how to invest in international stock markets from India? Keep reading to know more. 

What are the Steps for Selecting the Best Broker for US stocks in India?

Are you looking into how to invest in international stock markets from India? Here are some of the things you need to remember while looking for the best broker to invest in US stocks from India:

  • Knowing the needs

Focus on the features of a trading platform that are most important to you before you start hitting on brokerage adverts. The answer will vary slightly depending on your financial objectives or where you are on the learning curve. For example, suppose you’re just getting started. In that case, you might prioritize features like basic educational materials, thorough glossaries, simple access to support personnel, and the capacity to execute practice trades before you start to play for real money.

  • Fees

Although you might care more about other things than fees, in the beginning, you should have a good sense of how much you’ll pay to use each brokerage. Some people might consider a slight price increase acceptable if the platform has features that its less expensive rivals do not. However, you would generally like to lose only a tiny portion of your investment returns to trading commissions and accounting expenses. By focusing on the bottom line, you can quickly ascertain which stockbrokers are too expensive to take into account and which are just incompatible with the kind of financial activity you’re interested in.

  • Other Features

The first question when you get on an investing app: how to invest in international stock markets from India? A user-friendly mobile trading platform would have effective chatbots, an up-to-date design, price notifications, and two-step logins. The platform is simpler to use when it has a well-organized interface. All stocks, bonds, options, derivatives, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other financial instruments that investors invest in with the hope of making a profit are collectively referred to as “investment products.” The finest broker for Indian investors would offer various investment options.

  • Testing the Platform

While each brokerage should provide a pretty good overview of the tools and resources a trading platform offers, sometimes using the platform for a test run is the best method to judge platform quality. It might even be worthwhile to go through the registration process with brokers who offer free account opening if you only need to utilize the trading platform. Do all you can to get access to the tools you’d actually use for free, regardless of whether the brokerage provides a web-based system that can be accessed by anyone or a free downloaded platform that involves no-strings signup.

  • Ease of operations and UI

After experimenting a little with the platform, check out the charting features to learn more about the tools available to you. Consider the types of data you can plot, the ease with which you can transition from charting technical studies to looking at fundamental and market data, and the extent to which you can alter and save data for later use.

A mechanism to modify and preserve your charts is a beneficial tool on the best broker for US stocks in India, whether you’re a beginner learning to interpret charts or a seasoned trader who keeps tabs to keep yourself on track. Associated inquiries include:

  • Are you capable of writing on the chart in addition to trend lines simply to mark significant occurrences so you will recall what to review afterwards?
  • After customizing your charts, is it possible to store them?
  • Can you take notes, so you have them later?
  • Could those notes be added to the chart so that when you refer to them later, you will know what they refer to?
  • Customer Support

The best broker for US stocks in India should be able to put together reliable customer service available around the clock. Regardless of how fantastic the service is or how knowledgeable a company’s staff is, customers are more inclined to remember their direct relationship with a company.

What Makes Stockal the Go-To App for Investing in the US Stock Markets

The following characteristics of Stockal make it among the best broker to invest in US stocks from India:

  • TipRanks Research Analysis and Analyst Ratings: Traders can make rational decisions using technical analysis techniques. Technical analysis can help identify new trading opportunities by providing buy and sell signals. Analysts use various indicators and development tools to evaluate the stock market. The best apps to invest in US equities from India should employ these tools, mostly market indicators, to forecast price changes for all important financial indices. The cornerstone for trend analysis and the source of buy and sell signals is the movement of multiple oscillators and indicators.
  • Zacks Analyst Ratings: The analysts that are part of the Zacks Equity Research division are fully aware of both the advantages of earnings estimate revisions and the mathematical methodology for a long-term used by the Zacks Rank and Zacks Recommendations. For the 1,050 equities they monitor, the experts can deviate from the statistical recommendations. Zacks Premium members can also view these suggestions, which are referred to as Zacks Recommendations, in the in-depth Analyst research reports on the Internet.
  • MorningStar ETF Holdings and Rating: The Morningstar fund analysts with the most significant holdings and investor interest assign ratings to the funds. Analysts evaluate funds using five main factors: People, Process, Performance, Parent, and Price. All analyst assessments are based on face-to-face interviews with the fund management team, private Morningstar data analysis, and fund documentation examination.

The Bottom Line 

Keep in mind that there are a few things to consider before you begin investing in US stocks while searching for the best applications to invest in US equities from India. Transaction expenses, brokerage, margin money needs, bank fees, depository charges, taxes (capital gains and TCS), knowledge, and risk appetite are some of these considerations (taxation, currency fluctuations, regulatory charges, and political instability).

Start by looking into the several options Stockal has to offer if you are looking for a stock market investment app. With Stockal, creating an account is simple, and there are no minimum balance requirements. You can purchase fractional shares on a secure site and receive top-notch analysis and research. Additionally, Stockal will swiftly provide you with holdings updates.