How to Immigrate To Canada through Investment

How to Immigrate To Canada through Investment

The living conditions and opportunities in developed countries of the world like Canada are far better than the developing countries like India. It significantly impacts the business setups, which do not get much leverage from the government but have to pay higher tax and face a vast range of other complex challenges too. This is why programs like immigration through investment in Canada are gaining momentum.

Everybody has the right to thrive on making their life better, and immigrating to developed countries is the best choice for it. The Canadian government is utilizing the opportunity perfectly by ensuring smooth and easier conditions to let the investors immigrate to the countries. You can opt from various programs and meet the eligibility criteria to become citizens of Canada.

Dig deeper into this article to learn in detail about how you can immigrate to Canada through investment and start planning your move.

Top 4 Immigrate To Canada Through Investment Programs

Immigration through investment programs is intended to attract businessmen and investors from across the globe. It will help the Canadian government to not only ensure continuous development of their society but contribute to international development too.

Here are some of the best immigration through investment programs in Canada that can grant your smooth entry to one of the most developed countries of the world.

1. Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Quebec immigrant investor program is one of the best and most popular immigration through investment programs in Canada. The program requires the interested people to invest at least 1.2 million Canadian dollars in government-approved programs for five years, at the end of which they will earn citizenship in Quebec. The programs require basic local knowledge for which many interested people consult Canada immigration Delhi based consultants and make sure to process their applications and handle other complexities smoothly.

2. Inter-Corporate Transferee Work Visa

Inter-corporate transferee work visa is another popular immigration through investment program in Canada. This program allows corporates or business organizations from other countries to establish their office in Canada by sending their skilled workforce. In other words, companies can send their workers to establish a business branch in the region and then move to the country to seek residency.

3. Provincial Nominee Programs

Provincial nominee programs are one of the most common and well-known immigration to Canada through investment programs. As the name suggests, the program operates in numerous provinces of Canada. The program requires the interested people to launch a business in Canada or partner up with a local one, as well as reside in the country for a fixed term to get permanent residency.

4. Quebec Entrepreneur Program

Quebec entrepreneur program is a special immigrate through investment program in Canada. This program requires the interested people to establish or acquire an already established business in the region. The interested people will require a significant investment to nurture the venture. Moreover, you must complete numerous other conditions before receiving your permanent residency.

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Eligibility Criteria to Immigrate to Canada by Investment

Canada is one of those countries of the world which is offering immigration to people from various parts of the world in case they invest in the region. However, it does not mean you can move to the country if you have a certain amount. You need to pass eligibility to be considered for it.

The basic eligibility criterion you must follow for immigration by investment in Canada includes the following.

1. Relevant Business Experience

The basic and most crucial eligibility criteria for immigration by investment in Canada is to have relevant business experience. The foundation of the program is the business venture or investment in the country which can only succeed if you have extensive experience in the field. Some of the programs require only one year of experience, while some others require experience of at least five years.

2. Pass Canada’s Medical and Security Evaluations

The second eligibility criteria for immigration to Canada through investment is passing Canada medical and security evaluations. Each and every individual must pass this criterion to get permanent residence. It can include your spouse, children, siblings, parents, or employees who are seeking residency in Canada through the program.

3. Investment for Five Years at No Interest

The last but most important eligibility criteria that you must fulfill for immigration through investment in Canada is investing a specific fixed amount of Canadian dollars for five years at no interest. The amount should be invested in government-approved ventures, and you can get back the principal amount after five years. If you need more assistance or guidance, get in touch with Canadian immigration consultants and explore government-approved ventures to invest your amount now and start preparing for immigration.

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Do you want to invest and immigrate to Canada?

If yes, you have made the right choice for a better future for your family and generations. However, to ensure you do not ruin everything by a single mistake, contact the professional immigration consultants and let them walk you through all the processes until you receive your residency.

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