How to choose the ideal printer for your business

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Given the great offerings available in the industry and the variety of existing technologies, you may wonder how to choose the ideal printer for your business. It may become a complex task to choose the product that best suits your needs, therefore, in this article we will try to help you discover the different options within the market for printing or multifunction equipment, and thus you can know what will be the best suits your needs.

With the passage of time, we may think that the use of physical media such as paper is increasingly relegated to the past, and will gradually be replaced by digital media, but nothing is further from reality. While it is true, that the advancement of technology is gaining ground day by day to the processes that have always been dominated by paper.

Even so, paper media is still present and advancing at the same pace as digital media with increasingly efficient, fast and advanced technologies, providing quality and performance with increasingly competitive costs.

One of the main factors when choosing printing equipment from carbon reprographics is undoubtedly the volume of prints to which it will be subjected. This data will be directly related to the size of the company and the number of users of the machine in question.

It is very important to also know the activity to which the printer that we are going to install will be directed. For example, the equipment needed in a management department will need very different features than a design or marketing department will need. Nor can we forget the various functionalities that the printers that we need for the different sections of our company may include.

We must consider whether we only need a printer or multifunction equipment that allows us to scan and photocopy documents, as well as other functionalities such as fax or connectivity with servers or management programs (ERP’s) in business environments.

Determine the functionalities around the real needs.

The differences in maintenance and initial cost between black and white and color equipment are notable, in reference to the previous example, it is most likely that an administration department does not need color equipment and for its daily works monochrome equipment is the most successful. A design, marketing or advertising department is likely to need high-performance color equipment with the possibility of printing on different formats of paper or other media.

Another point of interest is to know the compatibility of the equipment on different operating systems, although today most devices are compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux, it is possible that the manufacturer does not offer full support to any of these systems, and this limits the use of some advanced features because specific drivers are not available for the system in question.

Once the necessary equipment requirements have been defined, we can go on to see the different advantages over laser or inkjet devices and their added functionalities.

Generally, inkjet equipment offers a higher quality than laser equipment, they are more recommended for printing photographic images and documents with images and graphics, and they are also more versatile in terms of printing on different thicknesses, paper formats and others. Supports such as vinyl or plastic stickers. They also have a much faster warm-up time than a laser printer, although at high-volume printing speeds they will always be considerably slower.

Study the cost of consumables of printer inkjet is crucial to determine the cost of printing and rotation cartridges and know the printability of each cartridge in order to have always available parts thereof, and that the capacity of these cartridges is usually much lower than that of laser equipment.

The laser printers include a printing speed in pages per minute much higher than the inkjet, although take longer to start the first impression.

Control of consumables and cost containment.

They also have much higher capacity consumables, which simplifies printer user maintenance and supply of consumables. They are highly recommended in administrative environments where large volumes of documentation need to be printed continuously. Monochrome models can be very interesting in terms of price, despite the limitation of not having the possibility of printing in color.

You must bear in mind that making black prints with both inkjet and color laser printers also entail the expense of color consumables , this expense is minimal, but it exists, for this reason it is important to study the use that will be given to the device to avoid unnecessary expenses.