How podcasters use QR codes for promotions

How podcasters use QR codes for promotions

Are you a podcaster and want to reach more listeners? Promote your work on the proper media channels and use the right tools like QR codes.

Podcasts of different niches have different flooded music streaming platforms, making it more challenging to stand out from other creators, with some having a prior following on other social media platforms.

Generating QR codes from a QR code generator with logo and pasting them into online and offline promotional materials creates a more actionable experience for listeners.

Effective promotion is even more crucial for podcasts and other media that rely only on audio because people lack visual cues to rely upon.

Streaming platforms address this by making QR codes easily accessible on their apps.

For example, a SoundCloud QR code generator allows aspiring artists to share their podcasts, tracks, mixtapes, albums, and playlists with one scan of a QR code.

What are the QR code promotion methods you can use as a creator? Here are some ideas.

Create personalized and branded QR codes

 Personal branding, like logos, elevates a creator from the rest of the pack.

With any material posted online, incorporate this branding to increase recall, awareness, and the number of listeners.

This strategy is especially effective for creators with a large social media following on other platforms like Tiktok, Facebook, or Instagram.

This way, followers and fans trust to scan the QR code and find your podcasts on major streaming platforms.

Display QR codes in stores and strategic locations

It’s not just small-time creators that produce podcasts. Companies are getting in on the trend of podcasts to reach their audiences across all platforms.

One of the advantages of podcasts for businesses is they may have in-store locations where they can display these QR codes to lead visitors directly.

With a bigger promotion budget, businesses can promote their QR codes for podcasts, even on offline channels, by placing them in bus stops or parks.

Mention QR codes promotions in your podcasts

Mentioning QR codes for podcasts may seem redundant because that’s where listeners will eventually go upon scanning the QR code.

However, this opens an opportunity where new listeners can easily find the podcast upon the recommendation of a friend, relative, or colleague.

These podcast QR codes are easily accessible once people are ready to listen.

This promotional strategy can be highly beneficial for small creators competing with creators with huge followings.

Promote QR codes for all your social media pages

Say a person isn’t exactly interested in your podcast work but simply wants to follow you on social media. Indirectly lead them in your podcast by creating a QR code for social media.

When scanned, these QR codes should contain all the creator’s active social media accounts, including their podcast on different audio-social platforms.

Even if people only follow on Instagram, they’re now exposed to the creator’s podcast work, which may spark curiosity and lead them to listen.

It takes a longer route to promote the podcast, but it gives people the option to listen whenever they are ready.

Stand out in your niche with an effective QR code promotion

Streaming platforms are overcrowded with podcasts from different brands, businesses, and creators, but invest in an effective QR code promotion. 

While QR code promotions for podcasts can yield excellent results, the content and topics discussed always make people listen intently.

By pairing interesting topics with unparalleled QR code promotion, audiences engage better, and creators boost visual identity in an otherwise audio-only medium.

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