How do you boost your children’s confidence?

affirmation cards little luminaries,

When you think of parenting, words like “love “,” freedom “and “rules “may come to mind first. These are undoubtedly important factors. However, it is just as important to build your children’s confidence. In doing so, you lay the foundation for them to be able to lead a self-determined, happy and contented life later on. Even if there is a phase in which not everything goes according to plan.

Self-confidence is essential for healthy development. It enables your child to stand up for their beliefs even when they are adults. You don’t have to submit to peer pressure or a test of courage to prove something to others.

In addition, self-confident people are less likely to suffer from depression, burnout, anxiety disorders or other mental illnesses. They also have stable relationships because they have less self-doubt. Being at peace with yourself contributes to a positive attitude towards life and attracts people with the same attitude.

However, self-confidence does not mean not having weaknesses. Rather, it stands for knowing your weaknesses and dealing with them consciously.

You can work together on its weak points and make yourself aware of them in order to work on them. It is important that your children do not let themselves be slowed down at school and later at work, but rather go their own way.

The good news is: self-confidence can be learned at any age! Even if your offspring are taller and very shy up to now, you can help them build self-confidence. Start together in small steps. You will see: once your offspring has confidence in themselves, their self-confidence will continue to grow.

With this the following tips you strengthen the self-confidence of your children

If you want to strengthen the self-confidence of your children, you do not need to have completed an additional qualification for educators. It is enough to simply pay attention to a few things in everyday life. Then your offspring will develop a healthy level of self-confidence on their own.

Incorporate these 4 tips into your upbringing to increase your children’s self-confidence:

Mindfulness cards for kids:

Parents can provide positive affirmation cards to their children to develop self-confidence. Children play games by using these cards and enjoy. Affirmation cards are invited to ignite their imagination and celebrate their unique genius. Cards will help your Little Luminary remember what they learn while they’re having fun.

Unconditional love:

This should be taken for granted anyway. However, many parents punish their children with the withdrawal of love if they have done something wrong or behaved defiantly. The better way is to take the child aside and talk to them calmly about what hasn’t gone so well. Even if they bring home bad grades from school, they should never be punished for it. It is important that you look for solutions together. This takes a lot of time and energy but will lead to a lot of self-confidence in your offspring. Because in this way your child feels that he is valued and not treated from above. The most important thing for a child is to know is that they are loved – in every situation.

Taking time:

Job, household, appointments, children – there are many things to be done in everyday life for which there is generally too little time. Make sure that your offspring don’t miss out on all of this! If your offspring wants something from you and you have absolutely no time at the moment, explain the situation to them and arrange a time with them in which you are there for them all by themselves. Make sure to keep the promise and then ignore everything else. Listen, cuddle, and play – without a TV, cell phone, or other distraction. It is even better if you turn it into a ritual, for example, Every day at 5 p.m. is mom time for 30 minutes. Then nobody should bother you and you do what you like. If your child knows that they can rely on you, they will draw a lot of strength from this time.

 Support dreams:

Children can still dream carefree. However, the older they get, the more reality catches up with them. Nevertheless, you should always support the dreams of your offspring. For example, if your child has the goal of taking up a social profession, later on, research together where they can work as an educator. You can also find out more about further training in the social field. You will see that your child feels valued when you support them on their way. This also applies to dreams that are unrealistic for you, such as a career as a professional footballer. Help your child make their dreams come true.

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