The virtual university allows Zoom integration. Integration with the learning system enhances learning statistics, promotes employee morale, and helps reach other corporate objectives. It also provides you the opportunity to record as well as share webcast sessions. Zoom also handles mobile devices. In contrast to connectivity, it is accessible with several video conferencing platforms. The Zoom communication channel for Lms vu may be utilized on any device and operating system. You may simply link it with your management system using the Marketplace app.

The Smartphone learning management system App has a simple UI and easy navigation. Its interface is simple to browse and enables you to check assignments, tests, and GDB notifications rapidly. You could also use that app to connect with your pupils via video chat. It provides all the required features for pupils to interact with one another. The easy-to-use features make it an excellent pick for any learning management user.

LearnUpon is a firm believer in the power of webinars as a means of delivering training. As a trainer, it’s simple for you to educate and assist students in visualizing the training subject using these tools. They also provide a more personal and direct method of training your audience online.

Zoom and LearnUpon, two of the most popular webinar tools, include built-in integrations with Learning Management Systems to deliver webinars more easily. Your company may simply link these two platforms to simplify webinar training by utilizing LearnUpon’s connection.

What Are The Benefits Of Integrating Zoom Into Your learning system?

The manual nature of this approach is straightforward if you’ve ever hosted training seminars for your staff or customers using Zoom and the management without the need for integration. The integration allows you to learn more than you could on your own.

  • Schedule A Meeting In One Place To Save Time

You’ll have to enter each platform and build up the meeting manually, which is more work than you must do and increases the likelihood of human mistakes. You may avoid setting up a Zoom session by connecting to your learning system.

In your learning process, you may set up the webinars and add all the information you need to them. This data is produced immediately in your Scope account, saving you time and effort.

  • When A Student Is Enrolled, The System Will Alert Them

As soon as you’ve set up the session in your system, published it, and registered your learners, you must ensure they know about it. You don’t have to do anything yourself using a learning management system.

To begin, the session is made available to the user through their dashboard. Then, before the event, each learner is notified through email with all the data they need to know. It’s also possible for them to mark it for future reference by saving it to their calendar through email.

  • A Single Database Should Be Used To Store All Information

Running a Canvas webinar without connecting it to your management system is a tremendous headache because of the inability to monitor attendees’ responses. When learners are registered in your system for the webinar, but the participation is logged in Zoom, it is up to you to pass the data. This necessitates a lengthy and tedious manual process.

Because all of Zoom’s attendance data is sent back to the learning through the connection, you may skip this time-consuming process. You just need to log into your managment system and find all the training content for each student.

  • Setup Is A Breeze

If the process of integrating Zooming with a learning process is complicated, all of its advantages are lost. Communicating to Zoom is straightforward with LearnUpon’slearning system. It doesn’t make sense to hire a developer. In reality, an administrator may do the task in seconds with a few mouse clicks.

Go to “settings” and “integrations” if you are a LearnUpon administrator. The “Zoom” button for integration may be found there. You only have to click the link, follow the directions, and you’re done.

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