Grohe Bathroom Taps

Bathroom Taps

With the passage of time, home improvement has become an important concern in contemporary houses. Especially when it comes to the styling of the bathroom, homeowners want top-notch bath products that must be long-lasting and stylish. And when we talk about bathroom taps, the choices are bountiful.

Grohe is not a new name in the world of high-quality bath and kitchen products. Since its inception, it has introduced a new level of invention in design formats in the industry of bathroom and kitchen supplies. Grohe bathroom taps have become a reliable source to get durable and stylish taps. If you want to install a new tap in your bathroom but can’t decide which tap will suit your bathroom decor and fulfill the longevity factor, here are some types of bathroom taps that you can choose according to your bathroom’s interior and available space.

Wall-Mounted Taps

Wall-mounted taps are among most the popular space-saving designs. These taps have been designed in a way that is perfectly suited even if you have a small bathroom. These taps emerged from the wall to hang above a sink or they can be placed above a bathtub too. There are plenty of designs in wall-mounted taps that you can choose from. These taps give the perspective of maximizing the space. These are among sleek and aesthetically pleasing tap designs, perfect for enhancing the style of a modern bathroom. These bathroom taps work from concealed pipework that is hidden behind the wall.

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Deck Mounted Bathroom Taps

The traditional design of deck-mounted bathroom taps is most often teamed with bathroom sinks or basins. The foundation for the attachment of deck-mounted taps is provided by the tap holes drilled into the rim of the bathtub or basin in white brick house. The designs of these taps deliver the simplest possible access for plumbing to direct the water to a basin or bathtub. You can select from single or double-tap versions according to the available space of sink or bathtub style as well as according to your own choice.

Pillar Bathroom Taps

These taps are supplied in a pair. Each of the pairs features a separate valve for controlling the flow of water and temperature. These taps are best suited for bathtubs or basins with two tap holes for cold and hot water. These taps are available in contemporary designs too, for the sake of making them fit in modern bathrooms.

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Freestanding Bathroom Taps

A beautiful contemporary design that can be situated anywhere in the bathroom. The plumbing can be directed to a specific space. Freestanding bathroom taps can accompany any freestanding bathtub or any other style that has been situated anywhere in your bathroom.

Countertop Bathroom Taps

This type of tap has a beautiful rounded design that makes a complementary teaming element alongside any sink with a countertop.  Most of the designs of this tap include a single lever for a streamlined look.

You can check all designs of Grohe bathroom taps at Banyo. They offer the best bathroom products from renowned brands with a promise of high quality and an aesthetically pleasing design approach.