Great Uses for CAD Software

BI software

Computer-aided-design software is basically exactly what it sounds like. A computer software is used to make designs for products. These designs are then created offline. The use of 3D printing with CAD designs is becoming more popular, especially as 3D printers become more affordable to have in an average household. Of course, some graphic design and engineering skills are required to make the designs. People who want to make their own designs should take some classes to learn how. If a person wants a 3D printed product but doesn’t know how to make them or have the machinery to make them, then he or she can buy from a design company.


Many tools are made out of metal, but they don’t necessarily need to be in order to be effective. Some tool parts, like handles, have no reason to be made out of metal. Durable plastic will work just fine. There are many CAD design services that can help reach exact measurements. Exact measurements are most important for replacing and repairing tools. 

Small Plastic Parts

If someone has a 3D printer, it can often be cheaper to make small plastic items than to buy them. Most 3D printers use a solid filament line, while some special resin printers will use liquid resin which is later hardened. The filament or resin type will help to determine the durability of the final product. Items that can stand to be more brittle can be made from resin, while more durable items should be made from filament. Some examples of small plastic parts a 3D printer can make include hooks, utensils, and parts used in art projects.

Game Pieces

3D printing, with both filament and resin, is possibly most popular among the gaming crowd. This is because 3D-printed miniature figures are often used in games, like War Hammer and Dungeons & Dragons. Buying these figures can cost up to $20 apiece at some game stores. Making them at home is much cheaper. When making miniatures at home with CAD software, users can customize their game pieces entirely. Those who are not great at designing can also buy and download premade designs online, which can be printed as is or edited to further customize the figure. 

CAD software is a great creative tool that can also be used for practical purposes. These are just a few examples of what it can be used for, but the options are truly endless!