Easy Steps to Check & Pay E-Challan on State Transport Portal Online

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In India, traffic regulations have always been subjected to modification, with freshly updated terms emerging. While most individuals are aware of traffic norms, others may not observe them while being conscious of the rules. If the Traffic Cops locate someone breaking the laws, they will issue a challan and the offender will have to pay the fine.

However, to keep up with current digitization, the Indian government has put in place the Electronic Challan system or E Challan. This blog will provide a guide on what an E Challan check is, how to do your E challan check and the things you need to keep in mind while doing your E Challan check and paying for it.

What is an E-Challan?

E Challans are online-generated challans given by the Traffic Cops to all traffic violators in India. The Indian government has started this procedure to make traffic procedures more comfortable, simple, and open to the public population.

To prevent cash payments, this e-challan platform has been implemented to ensure that all of it is transparent and honest. It is relatively easy to do an E Challan check online and pay it than visiting a local police station and standing in a queue to settle your penalties. Furthermore, with the E-System, accurate and powerful surveillance of traffic offenders becomes easier for traffic cops. In this digital era, traffic violators can settle their penalties either online or in person, according to the service provided by their municipality or state.

Traffic Infractions that may result in an E-Challan being issued:

A traffic officer may issue an e-challan for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Breach of traffic regulations,
  • Red light jumping,
  • Traveling on public vehicles without a proper boarding pass,
  • Refusing to disclose information when questioned,
  • Driving an unlicensed car,
  • Driving without a legal driver’s license,
  • Excessive speeding in set speed restriction areas,
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Driving without a proper third-party insurance policy
  • Creating a traffic snarl, etc.

How to dismiss an incorrect E-Challan notice?

If you breach traffic laws, your vehicle’s license plate will be recognized by surveillance systems, and you’ll be issued a challan. You can do an E challan check for that online. Unfortunately, due to technical problems, the scanners are sometimes unable to precisely scan the number plate, leading to a notification to pay a challan being issued to the wrong person. If you received a challan charge notification and have not broken any regulations, you can discharge the challan charge by executing the processes detailed below. For e challan check process, click here

  • If you received an inaccurate notification to pay a challan charge, you can report the traffic police by calling their hotline number.
  • You can also send an email to the traffic cops. Only after traffic officers have verified the challan, will the cost be refunded. There are no costs connected with canceling an incorrect challan.
  • The traffic officers also share a template on social media channels that explains how to file a complaint if someone receives a wrong challan.

What occurs if you fail to settle your E-Challan?

Today, traffic laws are quite stringent. If you do not settle the E-Challan fine within the specified time frame, you will face legal penalties. If you fail to pay the fine for whatever reason, police will be sent to your residence address and you’ll be called to the court and interrogated about the infringement of the traffic laws. If you even fail to appear in court after being summoned and do not settle the E-Challan fee, your driver’s license will be terminated.

What paperwork should I keep with me to prevent E-Challans?

To prevent getting an E-Challan issued, you always need to carry the following documents while driving:

  • Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Valid Pollution Test Certificate
  • Valid Third-Party Insurance Certificate
  • Valid Taxation Certificate

How to avoid receiving an E-Challan?

Follow the following principles in mind while driving a vehicle to avoid receiving a police E-Challan:

  • Have a paperwork checklist and keep them with you while driving.
  • Leave home early so you do not have to panic, go above the safe speed restriction, or jump red lights to get somewhere on time.
  • Be aware of your environment. You need to observe all traffic regulations, not just while police are around, but even when they are not.


Always obey traffic laws and never breach any traffic laws; else, you will just be given a traffic E-Challan for the infraction committed for which you can do an E challan check online. Instead, strictly adhere to all road laws and ensure that you are operating safely at all times since you are accountable not only for your safety but also for the safety of other pedestrians and drivers. If you are issued a challan ticket, you may always do your E Challan check and pay it online.

Always remember that while driving is fun, it also comes with certain obligations, so drive wisely and safely.