Do video sharing websites like YouTube help in link building anymore?


We all love watching videos. They are visually pleasing, serve our auditory nerves, and help us avoid the work of reading. Such is the reason that videos get consumed more and more every day. One Google survey found out that 9 out of 10 people preferred watching videos over reading something. This simply means more people on video-sharing platforms and more opportunities for link building. How much can videos help in link building apart from taking Link Building Services or to buy quality backlinks? Can videos serve a little ray of hope for backlink seekers?

And no! Backlinks do not mean the links that people make in the backyards while gossiping.

Some stats on the growing consumption of video content!

Nothing proves more than the results that have already been to speak about things done. When it comes to stats, they help the most. According to Think with Google, Videos are getting consumed more and more often in the world. As the internet speed is growing every year, videos are becoming more accessible than they were in the past. Another reason that videos get consumed most is that they serve us comfort. It is the same as reading a story v/s listening to the same story from your grandmother. Videos serve us visually, auditorily, and sometimes in other ways when it is exceptional. And then we share these videos that we love. Videos are so vital for backlinks that sometimes even link building services use them for their clients. Or do they not? And what about the present and its future?

Here are some stats that herald its rising graph in the world –

  • 46% of total global video viewers use videos to learn something new. India and Brazil top this chart.
  • It is twice more important for viewers to dig deeper into their interests rather than focusing on production quality.
  • The top reason that people watch videos is that it helps them relax.
  • The least important reason for people to watch videos is to have actors in them.
  • 72% of people prefer learning about a product or service through videos.
  • 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool for quality backlinks and link building in 2021. This number is ready to grow further in years to come.

These are some of the stats that speak about how video content is becoming more and more popular every year and this is why link building services consider videos. But, how vital and effective can videos be when it comes to link building and business growth?

Video Content as a Link Building Strategy!

We already know from the above stats that video content is gaining more and more popularity every year. There are three ways one can link the business with video content –

  • One can either upload a video directly on the website,
  • embed a video from other platforms,
  • or upload on other platforms alone.

Google’s webmaster analyst John Mueller has confirmed it more often that there really is no difference between uploading and embedding a video for SEO.

When it comes to getting a website ranked on SERP, we all know the importance of quality backlinks. They have such tough influence that big companies often take link building services. Those websites that avoid taking backlink services go to Buy quality backlinks. Why? Because it works and helps those companies grab a large customer base and earn millions in return.

Videos can help one get these backlinks, natural and quality backlinks. But it works only when done right.

So, how to use videos as a link building strategy in 2022 and the coming years?

1 – Use TimeStamps and Chapters on YouTube!

One of the things that people often overlook is the timestamp feature that YouTube has lately announced. What are video timestamps? Well, if you have good observation skills then you might have noticed lately how the video timeline on YouTube includes certain title-like sentences to tell people about what the different parts of the video are about and let them skip to those parts. Consider them like the small titles and subtitles you provide to certain paragraphs in an article, or chapters in a complete book. These are also called Video Chapters for the very same reason.

When you add text to different parts of a video, this text indicates Google about the content of your video. The more famous the video is, the better it will be for your brand. Visit avple to download free videos.

2 – Focus on one platform if time and money is the issue!

Wises say that it is better to do 100% of 50% rather than 50% of 100%. This world values generalists less often. The time to come is of the experts. If you have finance or time issues, we recommend you to focus on one video platform on a time. As for now, YouTube is topping the charts and more people watch it. However, many other video sharing platforms are also going to rise in the near future.

Try to create a brand image on YouTube and provide links to your website (products and services). This helps them hop over to your website and it increases your website’s strength. Apart from the strategy to buy quality backlinks, this strategy is another spell that you must focus on.

3 – Try to serve value!

You’d not just want to speak about your product and services. It is an ages-old strategy that no more works. There stand a million choices for a customer against a single desire. This means that the crowd is now confused and needs clarity. In a world where everybody speaks about ‘buy our products’, you might want to serve them value instead. This will help your brand image get valued higher in their minds. These video services help you get link building. What you must do?

  • Write tips and tricks and hacks for them.
  • Try writing quality content always. You will never be able to make it without quality now.
  • Try solving their issues and queries through your video.
  • Discuss trends around your business niche.
  • Take interviews of famous personalities.

The purpose must be to add value to your user’s life. If this happens, the user is sure to have trust in you and will follow you.

4 – Link between social media and SEO!

In a conversation around Google, it got asked if Google takes social media clues to rank websites. What got revealed was to help many websites around. Google revealed that it uses social media cues to determine which website should rank and which should not.

This means that if your video is engaging it will get shared on social media. This will help you spread your brand name in a good sense and thus help you get quality backlinks. Be careful that this strategy might backfire if you value quantity over quality. Have a social media page and upload articles over there from your website. People are going to follow your account and thus share your content over there. This strategy always works when dealt with care and consideration.

5 – Things to take care of while doing Video SEO!

Video SEO is as important as any other SEO. Make sure that you handle it with care. Here are some tips –

  • Have an exceptional title for your video that is able to attract the mind.
  • Give proper and relevant video descriptions.
  • Use Chapters or Timestamp features.
  • Give proper tags.

Following these things will ensure that your brand name gets the recognition it deserves and thus helps your website get a higher ranking on SERP. This strategy boosts the overall SEO digital campaign that involves things from quality content, SEO, to buy quality backlinks, social media campaigns, web design, and expert link building services. The time to come is going to be of those who focus on digital presence rather than offline presence.