Best Summer Skincare Essentials For This Season


Plant-based Retinol

In the summer, many people ask if they should use tretinoin or retinol. Your skin gets more sensitive to the sun in the summer. Therefore, you need to switch to plant-based retinol alternative. Ideal vegan retinol formulas contain bakuchiol, sea buckthorn, cacay, among other Vitamin A rich ingredients.

Vegan retinol doesn’t create any side-effects commonly associated with retinol such as redness, irritation, or dry skin. Also, they typically don’t make your skin sensitive to the sun. There’s no chance of tretinoin purge either. So vegan retinol is perfect for the summer.

Vitamin C cream or serum

Summer is perfect for using Vitamin C face cream or serum. Probably, it is best to use a lightweight face cream with vitamin c. Those light creams easily absorb and doesn’t make your face oily. They also serve as a good primer for your makeup.

Vitamin C skincare products are especially important in the summer when our face is exposed to environmental damage. Vitamin C protects the skin and make it more resilient during hot summer days.

Vegan Skin Products

This summer and throughout the year, you need to switch to natural, organic, vegan skincare products. They are better for your health and for your skin. Also, you don’t want to support animal cruelty by purchasing skincare products that contain animal-derived ingredients.

However, it is still difficult to discover skincare companies that are entirely vegan. Even some of the cleanest, most organic, and cruelty-free skincare lines we adore contain animal byproducts like lanolin or beeswax. To make a product line entirely vegan, these substances must be replaced with workable alternatives including fruit waxes, nut butters, and oils.

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Sunscreen For Face and Body

One of the most essential skincare items that you just cannot live without is sunscreen. Given all the goodness they bestow upon us and all the skin damage they shield us against, their significance is beyond question. Sunscreens are essential for protecting our skin from the damaging UV rays and the resulting damage, as well as for preventing premature aging symptoms like wrinkles, pigmentation, and dark spots. Additionally, did you know that frequent sunscreen use also lowers the risk of developing skin cancer?

Don’t Over-exfoliate

Over-exfoliation can leave your skin uncomfortable, bruised, red, and irritated. This irritation can also result from mixing several physically-based and chemical exfoliants. Excessive skin smoothness and shine, redness, peeling and flaking, and occasionally even an acne flare are symptoms of over-exfoliation.

You should especially avoid too much exfoliation in the summer. That’s when your skin gets lots of sun and becomes very red and sensitive. Too frequent or too harsh exfoliation can just worsen your skin condition and make you with a red and irritated skin.

Go Lighter On Makeup

The last thing you want in the summer is a heavy makeup look. Opt in for a more natural, nude makeup. Korean trend called glass skin is becoming very popular all over the world. This means that you need a good skincare base, primer to cover up your pores. Then you only need a tinted moisturizer or a light liquid foundation. A little bit of bronzer and a lip gloss will go a long way.

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