Architects and Engineers: Working Together to Design Structures


Students look at how architecture and engineering work together. In the related hands-on activity, students design and build a small parking garage, acting as both architects and engineers. To gain more insights about the structural steel design course online, you should definitely try out the course. 

Engineering Connection

Engineers and architects often have similar jobs to do. Both jobs are important when it comes to designing and building things like buildings and bridges. Architects design the space so that it meets the needs of the client and looks nice on the inside and outside. The main job of an engineer is to make sure that the design is safe and meets all building codes.

Objectives of Learning

Students should be able to do the following after this lesson:

  • Describe what an architect and an engineer do.
  • Give an example of how architects and engineers have different roles in building design.
  • Explain that the invention of steel was one of the most important things that had to happen before skyscrapers could be built.


It’s finally time for the Olympic soccer game! Your class has rented a bus that is good for the environment to take you to the Olympic stadium. As you pull up to the drop-off point, you are amazed by how many people are around the stadium. All 10 levels of the parking structure are packed with cars. The parking structure looks very modern and has a lot of fancy decorations and touches. It really is a big deal. You know that civil engineers help build buildings, but you’re wondering who else might be involved. Who else do you think might be involved in building things? Buildings are made with the help of other types of engineers, architects, land-use planners, and construction workers, among others.

The architect and the engineer are the two main people who plan a building. At first, this might seem confusing because the roles and responsibilities of engineers and architects are not always clear and sometimes overlap. Let’s try to make things clear by starting with what we already know.

Lesson Background and Teachers’ Concept

A building, like a house or a skyscraper, is designed and built with the help of both an architect and an engineer. An architect comes up with ideas for buildings, bridges, and other structures and makes plans for them. The goal of an architect’s design is to meet the needs of the customer by making the building look the way the customer wants and doing good work. With the Requirements & Constraints: Designing a Parking Garage activity, students can practice putting these ideas and skills to use when designing their own parking garage. Making parking garage models is an activity.

Civil, architectural, and structural engineers are in charge of putting an architect’s plans into action and building them. The goal of these engineers is to meet the needs of the customer and make sure that the design works and is safe. Staad pro certification courses are gaining utmost popularity. Other engineers who might be involved in building design are electrical engineers for the lighting systems, mechanical engineers for the elevator, and plumbing engineers for the plumbing system.


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