A Need of the Pandemic: Getting the Right Setup for a Video Call

Right Setup for a Video Call

2020 saw the world plunge into a pandemic. As the corona virus spread across borders, fatalities rose and lockdowns were imposed. All of a sudden the entire world was confined to the quarters of their homes. No work. No office. No parties. No social interaction. If this had happened a 100 years back, perhaps we would have not survived. However, we did, thanks to the contribution of the internet. . 

Moreover, a major role was played by the internet. Video calling allowed people to interact with one another, take classes and work to resume from home. Zoom and Microsoft teams took over, and . SSkkype became relevant again. Now as we move into 2021, it is more than ever essential to have the right setup for a video call at home and. tThis guide is just about that. Sso, let us begin.


The most essential component for any video calling setup is your camera. Now for people who mainly use their laptops, this isn’t as important as all laptops come with built-in cameras (albeit the quality on most of them is terrible). However, for desktop users, it is essential to get a good webcam. There is a huge variety available but try your best not to be deceived by marketing, as most of them are quite terrible cameras. 

Try your best to buy one from a reputable brand like Logitech. Make sure the camera is at least 1080p in resolution and compatible with the latest version of windows or mac. Now there is a variety of Microsoft Team certified devices available so if your budget allows, settle for a camera on their list. Another aspect is artificial intelligence and products like Nvidia Broadcast can allow you to improve your image quality or change your background all with a single click. 

Try your best to position the camera at your eye level., Keepinghaving a camera at the wrong angle will not give the desired results. If you place it too low, the camera will be looking up your nose. If you place it too high, you will look small. So, always keep have it at your eye level., always. 


Another aspect, which is as important as video is audio. It is essential to have a good microphone unless you want your colleagues to hear static or for you want to sound like a robot. Invest in a good microphone, preferably a condenser microphone available from a vast range of brands like Audio Technica, Samson, and Blue. These microphones range from as low as $30 to as high as $100. They come in a variety of designs to fit your setup. And with artificial intelligence based applications like above, you can remove all background noise or even change your voice. 


Well you also need to be able to hear your colleagues or your professor properly. Using a speaker may not be a great choice especially if you are around people. So invest in a good headset. It is your choice whether you want to go for something that is over the ear design or an earphone. WBig brands when it comes to headphones, include Senheisier, Sony, Audiotechnica and Bose are reliable brands. There is a variety available in all different budgets. You may even opt for an active noise-cancelling headphone like the Sony XM that4 which will help you completely cut out the background noise. Some, if not most of these headphones are designed for music but they work just as well for video calls. If you do opt for over the ear headphones, get closed back ones unless you want everyone around you to hear whatever you are hearing. Some of these headphones come with built-in microphones as well so you may end up saving on buying an additional microphone. 


You cannot do a video call without the internet. And a bad connection  may means your video ends up being choppy or very low in quality. It is very essential that you have fast and stable internet. A wired connection is obviously better than a wireless one in this regard and . And broadband internet is better than cellular. For your home setup, get a broadband internet connection and have it connect ted to your computer via Ethernet or via Wi-Fi. In case of the latter, ensure that the signal strength is good otherwise invest in a good router or a mesh setup. 

You may want to contact CustomerCare Com to solve your queries in case of a problem. It will also suggest you the kind of internet package that you may need. If there are other users in the house and you feel like your video is choppy, ask them to stop any downloads they have on going or any video they are streaming. These two elements end up using a great chunk of your bandwidth. Ensure you do not have these applications running in the background when you ardoing youe onr video call. If you are using cellular data, invest in a good package that has either no data caps or decently high data caps like 50 GB. Anything less may hinder your ability to have endless video calls without worrying about p having to paying more for data.

You may want to contact CustomerCare Com to solve your queries in case of a problem. The customer care will also suggest you the kind of internet package that you may need. 


That is about it. We hI hope that with this guide you will be able to get yourself a decent video calling setup and never have to worry about giving a bad impression to whoever is on the other side. A decent video calling setup is need of the hour and definitely something you should think about investing in.