A complete Guide on retired Pandora charms


The Pandora charms that are not currently produced by the company are referred to as retired Pandora charms. If you want an authentic Pandora charm, you should probably learn to identify a fake one. If you are okay to buy a replica, make sure they are inexpensive and made of original and long lasting metals. Here is a guide to learn about Pandora charms that have retired but are still on sale in the market.

Do the old style Pandora charms – retired, have value?

Yes. Traditional and old style Pandora jewelry is becoming popular lately. This is mainly because of brand reputation and its history.

Pandora started its journey in 1982. Danish goldsmith Enevoldsen started Pandora as a small jeweler’s shop. They introduced the charm bracelet concept in 2000. The concept was a huge success. The charms took them to the US and Australian markets. Later they extended their presence in Scandinavian countries. Today, Pandora is in more than 800 locations.

Throughout their journey, Pandora has been launching unique and trend setting designs. For this reason, the designs remain popular even after the company stops manufacturing it. Though referred to as retired Pandora charms, they hold great values.

Top reasons to buy Pandora charms – retired

The brand is popular and has earned huge reputation. Currently, Pandora is the third largest brand in the world in terms of sale. The main reason behind the popularity of the brand is its striking beauty. They are made of unique high quality multi colored material.

Are retired Pandora expensive?

Generally, Pandora jewelry is expensive. One of the major reason is that the celebrities all over the world prefer the brand. Also, the quality of the material is good. The quality of Pandora jewelry is the same even in retired old jewelries. Though, the brand is expensive, retired Pandora charms are comparatively less expensive. Unless they have a history associated with them.

The brand has a good marketing equity. They spend a lot of money on this, even greater than the competitors.

Why is Pandora expensive?

Pandora has high value in international markets. In order maintain the value, the company has to achieve good record higher sales, bigger brand image, higher quality production. For this they need to hire the best talent and expand the business to every corner of the world. These requirements translate to expensive jewelry prices.

Pandora charms-retired are meaningful

Many believe that the silver used in old and retired Pandora charms is a sign of wealth. Unlike the latest Pandora collections, the old and traditional Pandora charms have inherent meaning. For instance, the love heart in a Pandora charm represents love and a stroller represents motherhood.

Are Pandora charms – retired worth it?

Pandora charms are known for their durability. This is mainly because they use enamels and high quality metal that do not change color with time.

Are their quality good?

Most of the Pandora jewelries are made of high quality sterling silver. The Pandora sterling silver is seldom referred to as 925 silver. This is because; sterling silver is an alloy that has 92.5% of silver and the rest other metals.

Apart from sterling silver, the Pandora charms are also made of gold and platinum.

Hope my guide on retired Pandora charms was helpful!