A Beginner’s Guide to Riding Gear for Royal Enfield Riders

riding gears

India is slowly embracing the culture of riding gear for Royal Enfield riders compared to the Western motorbiking culture. This delayed introduction is mainly due to the widespread perception that motorcycles are convenient commutation mediums for short travels in the country. 

People never took a genuine interest in gearing up adequately to counter the lack of power in most Indian motorcycles that previously had small engines.

Ideally, it would be best to remember that most bike riders in India still find it inconvenient to use helmets as protective gear. This context is relevant when studying the late emergence of bike-riding gear in this part of the world. 

With the evolving time, India has also welcomed high-end motorbikes. This has catapulted adventure riding onto a different tangent, while you can also see racetracks popping up nationwide. It’s good news that people are now prioritising the need for appropriate protective gear. This is especially true with the Royal Enfield enthusiasts flocking over GT 650 accessories.

Why Does Royal Enfield Prioritise Riding Equipment?

The experts admit that riding gear for Royal Enfield riders has been on a steady rise recently. You may encounter more and more individuals perusing Royal Enfield’s clothing and riding accessories than its motorcycles- such is the phenomenon today in India.

Royal Enfield has noticed this increasing demand for riding gear for Royal Enfield riders worldwide. Hence they have launched protective riding gear and merchandising units alongside their motorcycle production. They have brought a variety of accessories to the market during the past few years- including helmets, riding jackets, pants, gloves, T-shirts, belts, sunglasses, and nearly anything else you may associate with motorcycling.

Experts have developed a beginner’s guide to the necessary riding equipment to assist new Royal Enfield riders in making the best decision.

  • Helmet

If you are a first-time bike rider, you must concentrate heavily on getting a durable helmet. A dynamic and fitting helmet typically makes the most crucial riding gear for Royal Enfield riders. This is essential since it guards your brain from any unforeseen road accident. 

According to experts, you must consider wearing a helmet regardless of rush or travel distance. Your best choice for a helmet must essentially promise the necessary safety ratings, secure fit around the cheeks, and proper ventilation.

  • Riding Jacket

Now that you have a helmet, it’s time to invest in a fashionable yet functional riding jacket. It is necessary to have a riding jacket that can provide adequate protection for your spine, which is as vital as the brain. The upper body of a human being is primarily susceptible to unthinkable injuries. Therefore, such riding gear for Royal Enfield riders is appropriate with their back protectors and shoulder and elbow armours. Your spine and torso will thank you for the lengths that you will go to keep them protected. It’s time to move on to the next apparel choice. 

  • Riding Gloves

Your riding gloves contribute way more than you ever care to admit. They primarily make it a must to guard your hands from external wounds in the event of a fall. Furthermore, they also provide the necessary cover over your bare knuckles when riding in the rain or against the chilling wind in shallow temperatures. 

They also shield your hands against flying dirt that harms the skin. Wearing decent riding gloves can benefit you handsomely in many situations.

  • Rider Boots

The experts admit riding boots are the most ignored and underestimated riding gear for Royal Enfield riders. They may not come with the most sterling recommendation, but they are equally crucial, if not more. A decent pair of riding boots can improve your on-road performance- facilitating smoother gear changes, keeping your toes dry in the rain, and providing complete protection during a collision.

Your best option for rider boots should have a polyurethane toe slider and a wear-resistant sole. They will add to the comfort and breathability of your pair of rider boots and increase their purchase value.

  • Knee Guards

Your knees are typically exposed and susceptible to impact during an on-road accident. You may always like to get modern touring pants and even jeans that feature knee armour; the experts suggest beginning with a stand-alone knee protector.

The greatest knee guards often include a convenient tube sleeve design with a two-in-one knee and elbow protector. They guarantee level 2 armour that is lightweight, breathable, and durable. Therefore, consider buying a knee guard before you graduate from riding pants.


That is the professional’s advice on the essential riding gear for Royal Enfield riders that will undoubtedly help increase performance while offering maximum protection. Furthermore, emphasising riding apparel and equipment benefits riders and non-riders by attracting new customers to the brand. You may let the experts elaborate by going to Carorbis online right now.