9 Quickest Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales

9 Quickest Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales
9 Quickest Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales

Your e-commerce store setup is finally over. You are offering all the latest products and services for your visitors. Attractive designs, themes, and prices entice them to visit your store. All these efforts are done to gain the ultimate result – increase your e-commerce sales and gain profits.

After attaining the first successful step, i.e., store setup and product launch, it’s time to check out strategies, which help increase e-commerce sales.

Many business owners are under the impression that boosting e-commerce sales is a tedious and exhausting process, but this process is not as arduous as they think.

In this article, I will discuss some of the best and quickest ways to boost your e-commerce sales.

Quick Ways to Increase E-commerce Sales

As you constantly keep on changing your products and services to keep up with the competition, e-commerce sales strategies also need to be changed to make them more effective. In addition, changing customer habits need multiple strategies to increase sales.

If the same ones are repeated, they may be ineffective, and hence I have accumulated some tips especially for you to keep your e-commerce sales up and rising.

#1. Focus on Existing Customers

Rather than focusing on gaining new customers, efforts should be made to strengthen the retention policy.

Statistics on customer acquisition vs. retention costs indicate that:

  • The probability of product sale to an existing customer is 60%-70%, whereas the probability of product sale to a new customer is barely 5%-20%.
  • A rise in customer retention rate by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.
  • 70% of the e-commerce owners agree that retention is cheaper than acquisition.

New customers opt for one purchase, whereas existing ones:

  • Purchase repeatedly
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase sales and revenue

Keep on gaining new customers, but never forget the loyal ones who can give referrals and positive comments for increasing sales.

Pursuing a loyal customer is cost-effective and successful since they are aware of your brand and products. Provide them a memorable experience by offering loyalty gifts and discounts to keep them motivated to use your brand.

#2. Display Trust Badges to make your Website Trustworthy

Dangers of online shopping, like phishing scams, malware attacks, online thefts, etc., force customers to be vigilant before purchasing.

If your e-commerce site appears shady or misses out on the trust icons, you will fall short of customers. Hence displaying a secured website for gaining customer trust and rise in sales digits becomes vital.

Web security solutions like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates should be installed on your e-commerce website to encrypt customer transactions. When data is in an encrypted format, hackers can’t read or misuse it. 

Installing an SSL certificate on your website helps in displaying trust badges.

Example: Wildcard SSL certificates secure the main domain and multiple first-level sub-domains of your website with a single certificate.

Ranging from money-back guarantees to RapidSSL secure site seal, McAfee secured, and free shipping badges, they come in multiple shapes and sizes.

Though these badges work the best on the checkout page, trust badges on the home page also grab attention.

#3. Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile E-commerce Statistics indicate that 79% of online shopping happens on mobile devices. If your website is responsive only on desktops or laptops, you are losing customers and sales.

Optimizing your website for multiple devices like mobiles and tablets will help in boosting your e-commerce sales figures because it improves brand positivity and reachability.

#4. Money-back Offers & Discounts

Customers love when they get their products at cheap or discounted rates, and hence festive discounts, half-yearly discounts, or year-end offers help in grabbing maximum sales.

You can also offer a fixed discount rate on your website’s products to attract customers and raise sales.

You can also offer a fixed discount rate on all products of your website, to attract customers and raise sales.

Money-back offers allow customers to risk their purchases because they can return the same and get their money back if they are not satisfied with the product.

#5. Use Paucity Tactics

Start highlighting the positives of your product, so customers start yearning for them. Later, start using scarcity tricks to create a situation of urgency.

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Sometimes customers are unsure about their purchase, which, when postponed, can make you lose out on a sale. Show them the limited quantity of your product or service to make quick sales. This marketing strategy is also called FOMO (fear of missing out).

Highlighting scarcity by showing your stock levels or fixed time limits will make customers buy impulsively, raising your sales figures.


  • Organize flash sales
  • Display countdown timer
  • Show stock levels on products to highlight scarcity

#6. Show Best Selling Items

Many times, visitors browse your website for time pass, fun, or out of curiosity. They are unaware of what they wish to look for. Highlighting the “top-sellers” heading on the homepage will grab customer’s attention to look out for the best products on your website.

Unlimited products on display may confuse customers who are unsure about their purchases, but when limited top-seller products are highlighted or promoted, customers may love to make an instant purchase. This marketing trick helps shoot up the sales count.

#7. Multiple Payment Options

Limited payment options will give you limited customers. Your site may have the best of products at the best rates, but if you offer limited payment options to your visitors, you lose out on many potential buyers. Therefore, ensure to offer ample payment options for customers to stay on your website.

Example: If you accept only credit cards, visitors opting for payment via Paytm or PayPal will abandon your website.

Ranging from cash and cheques and now making digital payments, the payment industry has changed drastically. Ensure to incorporate the latest payment options like Apple Pay to engrave the way for future payments.

#8. Integrate an Email Marketing Strategy that Delivers

After building an email list of your potential customers, try to use it as a marketing strategy. For example, rather than sending the same email newsletter to all customers, segment them according to their purchased products and preferences.


  • What do they love about your store?
  • What are their favorite products?
  • What are their expectations?

Segment your email list and send promotional fliers accordingly to give them a personalized experience for a better brand engagement.

#9. Focus on Customer Service

Post-sales services come in the form of customer service. Create a good customer support team for providing customer service to your customers. An excellent support team, which resolves customer queries and other issues, goes a long way in increasing sales.

When customers are aware that they have someone approachable for resolving their issues, they get inner satisfaction and make purchases without hesitation. This helps in raising the sales graph.

Now live chat is becoming popular, enabling quick customer service since several customers can be dealt with by one agent.

Make live chat visible on all the web pages, so your customers are assured that a single click will solve their issues. Automated chat greetings and personalized customer service are some added advantages.

When your business is expanded on varied channels, opt for an e-Desk (e-commerce helpdesk) which amalgamates all the queries of multiple platforms like social media, emails, sales, etc.

Few More Tips:

  • Utilize Online Ads
  • Reach Out to your Customers
  • Display Social Media Proof
  • Offer Free Shipping
  • Minimize Cart Abandonment
  • Give First-time Offers
  • Be Transparent
  • Use Cross-Selling Techniques

Wrapping Up:

Customer’s minds are ever-changing, and so are the trends. So keep on changing your marketing strategies and make them favorable for your customers to increase customer base, sales, and ROI.

Secure unlimited first-level subdomains under a chosen primary domain with encryption by purchasing a premium yet cheap wildcard SSL certificate from reliable SSL providers such as SSL2Buy, ClickSSL etc.

Try implementing some of the tactics stated in the article mentioned above, and see your sales booming. Give a user-friendly and memorable experience to your customers and shoot up your sales chart.