8 Ways to Start a Home Based Business on a Budget by Peter DeCaprio


When you’re starting a home-based business, it’s easy to get excited about the possibilities. Starting a new venture can be overwhelming at first though, especially when it comes time to figure out the costs involved with getting your business up and running. If you have limited funds available or are just looking for ways to reduce start-up costs, there are many things that can be done to make your business more affordable.

Here are some ways you can make the most of every dollar!

1 – Reduce overhead costs by working from home

Instead of leasing commercial space or setting up a shop in an office building where you’ll have to pay rent every month, why not eliminate your overhead costs entirely? Working from home can save a great deal on overhead and operating expenses, which means you’ll have more money available to spend on things that will better help promote your business says Peter DeCaprio.

2 – Purchase used office equipment

Office furniture doesn’t have to be new, especially if you’re working from home. In fact, it may be preferable to purchase slightly used furniture as this can make a big difference in the money you’ll be spending upfront. You should also consider purchasing used high-tech equipment such as computers and other electronics that are still perfectly functional but don’t cost nearly as much as they would if purchased new.

3 – Don’t sign a long term lease

Many businesses end up paying a lot of money for their office space and related expenses by signing a long-term lease. Instead, consider renting your commercial space by the month only and take it month-to-month if at all possible. Look around before you make your final decision as well because there are often several different options available to you regarding location, condition of the property, amenities included, etc.

4 – Buy used or discounted supplies

If you’re operating from home, there’s no need to buy everything brand new when you can find some items used on Craigslist or through yard sales instead. For instance, furniture doesn’t have to be top of the line if it will impact how your business looks or functions. You should also purchase printer toner online rather than buying the toner cartridge new, as this will save you a great deal on the cost of printing.

5 – Promote your business online for free

The internet has simplified many aspects of how business is done these days, including advertising. There are countless opportunities available to promote your business online for free or next to nothing, all without having to shell out money on expensive pay-per-click campaigns. It’s just a matter of doing some research and investing in some simple tools that can help you start promoting your business immediately.

6 – Don’t pay full price for your website

While you might think it’s easier to pay someone to develop your website, this can actually be a very costly mistake. The reality is that there are plenty of web developers out there who will give you top-quality work at affordable prices. You should take some time to compare different options before making up your mind, as the cost involved with creating your website could have a major impact on the viability of your online business.

7 – Choose inexpensive marketing strategies

You don’t always need expensive advertising campaigns in order to get the word out about what you have to offer. In fact, there are countless low-cost or no-cost ways in which you can choose to promote your business, from traditional advertising to social media marketing and everything in between.

8 – Buy information online

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to learn more about a certain topic, you can often purchase the necessary information for a very modest cost through sites such as Amazon or iTunes. Instead of spending money on costly seminars or workshops that may not provide much value, simply buy the eBooks or audio files online and save yourself some money! 9 – Sell your services instead of buying them


Just as there are plenty of ways to get the information you need without having to pay full price, there are also many different services that you should consider selling rather than buying outright. Think things like graphic design, editing, administrative tasks, etc.

Peter DeCaprio suggested that following these tips should help you get started on your home-based business venture more affordable than ever. Now that you have an idea of what it takes to pay less upfront when launching a new home-based business, you can make it work for your situation!